Little Man’s Second Week of Life 5/8/13-5/15/13

Most of Little Man’s second week of life is a blur.  I know that he met a number of people including some of our coworkers and a few of our other friends.  Teacher Man and I spent a TON of time holding our little guy and just loving the fact that he was finally here 

One of the more significant things that happened was going over to Teacher Man’s parents’ house for dinner on 5/12.  Not only were his parents and siblings there (Little Man got to meet his uncle!), but Teacher Man’s grandpa was there — making it four generations of those guys in one house!  We were definitely excited and many pictures were taken.  Both Teacher Man and I were very grateful to be able to have Little Man meet the patriarch of the family!  

The only other thing that’s really of note is that I went over to L’s house to hang out with her  Peanut and my Little Man.  They both slept the entire time!  They are going to be such good friends!  🙂  It was really nice to hang out with just L and to be able to share all of the new-mothery things with her.  What did we talk about before we had babies?  I hardly remember.  


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