Little Man’s Third Week of Life: 5/15/13-5/22/13

This week was full of visits from different members of my family.  My parents were moving my youngest sister home from college, so they drove from California through Portland on the way home so they could spend some time with us and my sister could meet Little Man.  They stayed for a couple of days and then my other sister was in town for a quilting conference, so she stayed with us for a few days so she could hang out with Little Man as well.  Now, Little Man had officially met all of his aunts and uncles — woohoo!  

We also went to one of the fancy ice cream stores in town; Little Man didn’t get to have any ice cream, but we did and it was delicious!  Teacher Man and I were starting to feel more and more confident about taking Little Man out of the house to do different things.  He’s a pretty portable baby at this point, so we haven’t had to worry about naptimes too much.  But, I know those days are coming soon, so I’m trying to live it up while I can!  


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