Little Man’s Seventh Week of Life: 6/12-6/19

So much happened this week that was noteworthy.  On Saturday, my brother graduated from college and the whole family was in town to celebrate (and, obviously, go to the graduation).  This was the first long-ish car ride that Little Man had ever taken (it was only a couple of hours) and he was a champ, meaning that he slept the whole way there and back!  The other thing of note about the graduation ceremony itself (aside from, you know, my brother graduating), was the I managed to nurse Little Man IN STADIUM SEATS.  I tell you, I deserve an honorary degree just for that!  It was also monstrously hot out, so Teacher Man took the baby into the shade for part of the ceremony.  Nothing like cuddling a tiny heat source when it’s 90 degrees outside.  🙂

As if that wasn’t enough news for the week, Little Man also got baptized on Sunday, June 16th, Father’s Day.  While Teacher Man’s family wasn’t able to make it (it’s a long story), my family was there and Little Man’s godfather who is a seminarian for the Archdiocese of San Francisco flew in as well.  Godfather is a good friend of mine from my college days and I’m SO excited to have him play that special role in Little Man’s life.  His godmother is my next-youngest sister and she is going to be excellent as well — she was so touched when we asked her to be godmother that she cried a little bit.  🙂  So sweet.

The baptism was great, even though there were about nine baptisms that day!  The weather was perfect, Little Man was an angel, and everyone was happy.  I spent most of the day holding Little Man (when I could tear him away from my family!) and smelling his little chrismed head.  Seriously, it’s like heaven.

This week was also a turning point because Little Man started smiling real smiles!  And by real smiles I mean ones that aren’t associated with gas, eating, or pooping!  My heart just melts every single time that I get that goofy little grin from him.  It makes all of those late night/ early morning wake-ups worth it.

Small aside: Have you ever noticed that toothless smiles are adorable on babies, but creepy on adults?

Little Man also has a play mat now that he LOVES playing on.  It’s one of those where he lays down and stuff hangs just out of reach.  He especially likes the mirror.  This is a stark turn of events because when he was younger (how can I even possibly be saying that?) he would avoid all mirrors; seriously, if you turned him toward one, he would turn away and refuse to look at himself.  He develops so rapidly, and it makes my heart so happy.


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