Little Man’s Ninth Week of Life: 6/26-7/3

Holy cow, we have hit a milestone!  Little Man slept for seven hours straight!  It’s complete and total insanity and I woke up completely freaked out and hoping that he was still alive!  He still sleeps in a cradle in our room, so I could hear him and everything, but wow.  I felt like a new and refreshed woman after that much sleep.  Did I use to feel this good all the time?  Was that a real thing?  

We took Little Man with a few other Friends With Babies (FWBs) to his first beer festival — the North American Organic Beer Festival.  We usually wouldn’t bring him with us, but this festival is big and spread out and held in a park with a lot of space and shade.  So, it was really more of a picnic where there happened to be beer.  It was fun to hang out with all the other babies and their moms — since the babies were born all at about the same time, it’s fun to compare notes with the other moms.  We had a good time, but it started to get late and Little Man was NOT shy about letting us know that he was tired and wanted to get some sleep.  We willingly obliged and he slept for SIX hours straight!  I’m not naive enough to think that this is going to last, but it’s nice that he’s starting to lengthen his sleep during the night a little bit.  

Little Man turned two months old this week!  It’s insane to think about.  I love him so much and I can’t imagine him not being a part of our lives, much less that he wasn’t even out of the womb a little over two months ago!  We had a photo shoot with L’s little Peanut and the babies looked adorable.  Now I just need to find the time to develop the photos (via Lightroom, not the old-school way) so I can get them printed.  

It was also SO HOT around Sunday and Monday of this week.  I was a little worried about Little Man at night; we don’t have air conditioning at our house and i wanted to make sure that he wasn’t overheating when he was sleeping.  We spent a little time with Teacher Man’s parents at their house (they have air conditioning and very cool basement) to help make sure that Little Man was staying at a good temperature.  We also give him a little extra time playing in the bathtub to cool him down a little bit.  Teacher Man and I were living on Fudgesicles.  We also took Little Man to the mall to walk around for a bit.  It cooled him off quite a bit and he really likes his walks, so it was pleasant for all of us.  🙂

I also took Little Man over to one of our friend’s houses who had a baby a couple of weeks before he was born.  It’s crazy to be able to look into the future a little bit with their baby — to be able to see where he’ll be in a couple of weeks.  The only thing about this particular visit was the Little Man decided that he was going to be fussy the entire time.  It’s the first time I’ve been out with him and a little embarrassed/ frustrated with his behavior.  I mean, I know he’s a baby and I know he’s going to be fussy, but it’s the first time where I was in that position.  Not a fan.  

Little Man’s strength has developed quite a bit.  He holds his head pretty well (though he sometimes tries to use it like a battering ram still) and he’s started to reach for things, which is pretty fun to watch!


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