Little Man’s Tenth Week of Life: 7/3-7/10

This was a red-letter week for our Little Man.  

It was his first 4th of July!  We went over to Teacher Man’s parents’ house for a barbecue.  It’s always fun to have relatives around because I don’t have to worry about holding him as much.  🙂  On the flip side, it’s taking us some time to figure out how to travel with the Little Man.  For example, at some point we’re going to have to figure out a regular bedtime for him and then decide whether we stay out past that or make sure that we get home in time for him to go to bed.  It’s a work in progress and we’re learning as we go, right?

We also went to the doctor for his two-month checkup!  There were lots of shots (for vaccinations), but Little Man handled them like a champ.  When we got to the doctor, the nurse was very helpful and showed us how to give him Tylenol (and how much to give him).  We were all set for a large round of shots when the doctor came in and told us that he would only be getting one shot that day as the nurse shouldn’t have given Little Man Tylenol.  She cited a study ( where the effectiveness of the immunizations was lowered when the babies received Tylenol ahead of time.  So, we got to go back the next day and get LOTS of shots.  Little Man was great, though, and was only a little fussy on Tuesday (though, we did give him some Tylenol that night has he was crabby and a little feverish).  

Teacher Man and I also left him with Teacher Man’s sister while we went to a soccer game.  I’m getting better about leaving him, but I still don’t really like it.  I start missing him about five minutes in.  Even when we’re home and he’s hanging out with Teacher Man, I miss him.  He’s just so cute and I feel so responsible for him.  

Little Man is getting so strong!  He’ll stand up when you hold him on his feet and he gets SO EXCITED.  He starts moving his arms around and breathing really fast; it’s adorable.  🙂  It’s so hard to believe that he’s as old as he is and that he’s changed so much in just the two months that he’s been out in the world.  


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