Little Man’s Fifth Week of Life: 5/29-6/5

Note: I know that this is out of order, but it never got published for some reason.  Sorry about that.  

The only thing that I can remember from this week (isn’t that awful?  I’m forgetting things already!) is that L came over and we took Little Man and the Peanut over to our school for the carnival day that they do there every year.  It was great to get to see all of the people at work and to have SO MANY of the kids be able to see Little Man.  They all thought that both babies were adorable (how could they not?) and both Little Man and Peanut kept up their trick of not being awake at the same time.  They are so cute!  

Little Man did turn one month old this week!  We took pictures to celebrate and he was NOT happy about the hat I put on his head.  It lasted all of about two minutes.  Such a man — strong willed and not willing to put up with anything.  🙂


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