Who is this Little Man?

I realized that I have spent all of this time telling you about all of the things that Little Man has done, but I have spent zero time telling you about who Little Man is.  

Aside from all of the intangibles (namely, being the smartest, most handsome baby on the block), he has all of these precious things about him that help make him who he is.  He’s just starting to discover his hands.  He doesn’t always know what to do with them, but he reaches for things now and tries to bat at things with his fist.  He’s so strong.  He stands when you hold him on his feet and yesterday he was pulling on my fingers like he was working his back and arm muscles.  He smells like heaven and I love muzzling his hair when he’s sleeping on me.  His nose is past the squished newborn phase and is starting to look very pointed and distinguished.  He has Teacher Man’s eyelashes (thank God) and the are long and beautiful.  His eyes, though, are the real killer.  Perfectly blue, totally expressive, he stares at things forever.  I love the way he looks at me when he’s nursing — like we’re the only two beings in existence.  It melts my heart.  

But then there are these peeks of his personality that we’re just starting to see.  He smiles when you blow in his face or when you whistle near him.  He mimics the way Teacher Man sticks his tongue out at him.  He’s happy now in the bath and when we change his diaper.  He thinks it’s hilarious when he’s peed through his diaper.  He smiles and smiles.  He’s also VERY anxious to be moving and once he gets his legs going, there’s no stopping him — he just kicks and kicks forever.  

And as light and fun and happy as he is, he’s also the sweetest baby.  He snuggles right into you in the same spot when he’s sleepy.  He sighs these little sighs when he’s falling asleep on my shoulder after I’ve burped him.  A total snuggle-bug when he wants to be.  

I’ve known him for so long, it seems.  Yet, every day I learn a little more about him.  And this makes me happy.  


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