Oh my goodness, he can do things!

It’s craziness how much I can see our Little Man growing up.  I noticed that he’s much longer than he used to be — his little feet hang over the edge of the Boppy when I nurse him now.  He stands up if you hold him; he’s able to support his own weight on his legs and he gets SO EXCITED when he stands!  He’s all, ‘Look guys, I’m doing  this!’ and panting all heavy with excitement.  It’s a riot.  

Little Man also has way more hand-eye coordination now.  He can focus on an object and hit it intentionally.  Just today, he was able to take this elephant toy we inherited from someone (it’s kind of a weird toy… why do babies always like the weird toys?) from me and bring it to his mouth.  Such steps!  So proud!  

He’s getting pretty good with his head and is able to hold it up pretty well when he’s on his tummy, but his head is just so gol-darn HUGE.  Unfortunately, he’s gotten this from his mother (seriously, I wear a 7.5 hat and I’m only a touch over five feet tall).  It’s going to take a bit more strength training on his part in order to really get control over it.  

It’s funny.  I’m so excited to see all of these little developments that he’s making all the time, but there’s a little part of me to see him lose some of his baby-ness.  He still likes to snuggle and he’s still adorable, but more and more I’m seeing a kid instead of a baby when I look at him.  I alternate between begging him in my mind to go to sleep in his crib so that I can clean the house and write blog posts and wanting to hold him and never, ever put him down.  


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