It’s been awhile… 5 Quick Takes

Okay, I know.  It’s been forever since I’ve blogged.  Almost three whole weeks, and when your Little Man is only 3 months old… that’s actually quite a bit of time!  

So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon that so many other bloggers have going on out there: 5 Quick Takes.  There’s no way that I would be able to update you on EVERYTHING that’s happened (including some work with sleep! which is HARD! and will be its own post!), I’m going to give you the seven most important highlights.  

Let the summarizing begin!

1) Aunt L and Grandma and Grandpa P came to visit!  At the end of July, my sister came to stay with us for a few days, just for fun.  It was wonderful to see her and I appreciate our relationship more and more as we get older.  She’s also Little Man’s godmother, so it’s extra special to have her around!  My parents also visited overnight one night when they were on their way to move my brother down to San Diego for grad school.  It’s crazy how much Little Man has grown since they saw him last!  He just grows and grows.  

2.  Speaking of growing,  Little Man is getting much better about holding his head up while he’s on his tummy.  This works especially well, when his blanket faces the television.  🙂  I’m all about making sure that he doesn’t watch tv, but if it encourages him to hold his head up, it might be okay, right?  He’s also starting to wiggle his hips back and forth like he’s getting ready to roll over.  We’ll see.  What he REALLY likes doing is standing on our laps.  I seriously think that this kid is going to walk before he can crawl.  If we let him, he would stand all day long.  He gets the greatest look on his face like, “Look, guys!  I’m doing it!  Just like the big kids!”  It’s adorable.  

3. Teacher Man and I are godparents!   My friend, L, and her husband, M, picked Teacher Man and I to be godparents to Peanut!  I’ve never been a godparent before, so it’s definitely an honor.  Her baptism was last weekend and it was great.  So small and perfect and Peanut was adorable.  We had a great time hanging out with her and her extended family.  I’m so excited to know that we’re going to be connected to that family forever!  

4. The beach!  As we’re getting closer and closer to school starting, Teacher Man and I decided that we needed to take a day and go to the beach with Little Man.  He was a total champ on the drive (it’s a touch under two hours) and slept most of the time.  We zoomed him around the small coastal town in his umbrella stroller (his first time in it) and he did well.  Of course, we took him to the water as well.  We don’t live in a place where the beach is warm and sunny — most everyone was wearing sweatshirts — so Little Man was a little skeptical of the wind.  Then, we put him on the sand and he liked that A LOT.  He did NOT like the ice-cold water and was very shocked when we put his little feetsies in the ocean.  🙂  It was kind of awful, but it was also kind of hilarious.  

5. Airplane!  It’s his new favorite thing.  But, we have a strict “Must Wait 60 Minutes After Eating Before Airplane” Policy.  

Alright, that’s most of the news for now.  As I mentioned above, there’s a lot going on with sleeping, but that’s going to be its own separate series of posts (which will be coming presently, I assure you).  


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