What’s he doing?

I realized that the last few posts have been very Momma-centered.  Let me give you some highlights of what Little Man is able to do now.  

1) He can almost roll over.  He gets so close, but that last little part where he actually flips over has been eluding him, poor guy.  We’ll keep practicing.  

2) Nothing is outside of his grasp now.  If he wants it, he grabs it and it goes straight into his mouth.  

3) He LOVES his Johnny Jump Up.  I seriously think that we could leave him in that thing all day and he wouldn’t care in the slightest.  He might need an IV of breastmilk, but he’d be totally fine otherwise.  

4) He laughs and smiles all the time.  I’m blessed with a very happy child.  

5) Yesterday, I noticed that I can start seeing the ridges where his teeth will be on his top gums.  This explains why he keeps eating Sophie the Giraffe’s head!  

6) I know that one of my last posts about him had to do with sleeping.  He’s still sleeping like a champ at night (knock on wood) and he’s been doing much better at sleeping on his own in his crib during the day.  Like all other things with Little Man, he just needs to work it out and do things when he’s ready.  🙂


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