Limbs everywhere

Little Man does this thing now where he reaches out with his arm when you hold him.  It’s as if he’s pointing out to us where he wants to go.  It’s adorable and I gladly take him to almost anywhere he wants to go.  

Also, we have either a future kicker, soccer player, or dancer.  He bops and moves around when he’s standing on our laps and he gets so excited to be in his walker (I know they aren’t supposed to use walkers, but I totally watch him every single time so it’s okay… also, we have no stairs) and to take a few steps forward at a time.  He really tries to walk while leaning forward, but sometimes that just shoots his legs behind him.  It’s completely adorable.  

Little Man also has a new trick.  If we stand him next to the coffee table and put his arms on it, he can hold himself up there, while standing, for thirty seconds or so.  He’s so strong, it’s astounding.  

Finally, we ROLLED OVER!  On Saturday, he flipped his little self from his tummy to his back!  It was so exciting, but he’s managed to not repeat it at all yet.  I’m sure he will, just when he’s ready!  Still, it’s a pretty exciting time and I love seeing him be so mobile.  


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