7 Quick Takes for 5 1/2 months

Okay, so we’re really closer to six months than we are to five at this point, but I wanted to share some of the 5-month-things before we get into the six-month-things.  

1) Little Man LOVES going around in his walker!  He has almost no interest in being on his tummy or crawling or anything; he just gets frustrated and cries when we try and get him to do it.  BUT, bring out the walker and he is king of the castle!  He’s also slowly starting to learn how to make slow, wide turns.  He hasn’t figured out how to back up yet when he gets stuck, which makes it all pretty funny for me.  His feet go and go and go and he can’t get anywhere.  🙂

2) When Little Man gets tired, he’ll do the cutest thing.  This isn’t just sleepy, this is “Hey, lady, you’ve totally missed all my other cues, so hopefully this will get through your thick skull that I’m tired.”  He’ll put his head next to mine, put his hand on my other cheek, and pull the cheek closest to him to his mouth, where he’ll give me kisses by sucking on my face.  It’s adorable.  

3) Some friends of ours recently had a new baby boy (I haven’t come up with a clever nickname for him yet) and he’s almost a month old.  It’s so crazy to see him and think that Little Man used to be the same kind of ball of squish that this new baby is.  Little Man has so much personality now that I can’t always remember what he was like before.  

4) Our velociraptor is back!  Little Man has taken to screeching sometimes when he’s particularly happy or when he wants our attention.  He used to make this noise a lot more when he was very little, but he’s got quite the pair of lungs on him now, so it carries a little more than it did before.  

5) He babbles constantly.  In the car on the ride back from the sitter, when he wakes up in the morning, when he’s cruising around in his walker… he is a talker!  It’s wonderful to see him expressing himself and acting like such a big kid.  

6) In non-Little Man news, Teacher Man’s soccer team is doing really well, and they play one of their major opponents tomorrow night.  Teacher Man is a little nervous about it, but he’s glad that the girls are doing as well as they are.  

7) Finally, in Mama-news, I cam still struggling with the balance of being a Mama and working outside of the home.  Things have been crazy at work and they’ve been asking so much more of us.  I feel myself to be “like butter spread over too much bread” as Bilbo Baggins would say.  People keep telling me that it gets a little easier, but it just isn’t happening as fast as I would like.  

There’s your quick recap for right now.  Blogging has officially made it onto my calendar and To Do List, so hopefully I’ll be a little more regular here.  Until then, I need to get ready for bed so that I can function in front of the kids tomorrow.  


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