On why I won’t be hoping for twins anymore.

Today I added a new experience to  my mom resume.  It’s Thursday, so I had my usual Awesome Day with Little Man, but I also watched Peanut today.  Plus, my friend brought her little four-week-old baby, Squidge.  I was very grateful to Kate for coming over… at least with the two of us, it was a little more manageable.  

At least, it was manageable until ALL the babies decided that they were tired at the SAME TIME.  There was a lot of crying there for about twenty minutes or so.  We were frantically trying to get each of the kids to the point where they were kind of pacified and then move on to the next one.  Eventually, we figured out that we should just get ONE to be asleep and then we could move from zone defense to man-to-man and get the other two to sleep.  I got Little Man down and then we took care of Peanut and Squidge.  

Kate decided to take Squidge on a walk, so I stayed back with the two nappers… who decided to wake up at the exact same time.  And, of course, they were both hungry.  So, I fed Peanut a bottle while letting Little Man cruise around in his walker for a little while and pushing the walker back and forth in front of me with my foot.  Then, we switched and I nursed Little Man on the floor so that I could look at Peanut in the Pack and Play.  Later, I put both of the kiddos in the Pack and Play and scratched the side webbing back and forth — they watched it with their eyes like a tennis game!  It was pretty hilarious.  

Finally, Mike came and picked up Peanut and we got to sit and chat about the babies for a little while.  Mike and I used to hang out a lot during soccer season because our spouses coach the same team together.  Those were the days… long, leisurely games of golf in the evening…

Still, as crazy as it was today, I wouldn’t change any part of it.  Though, I won’t be hoping for twins anytime in the near future.  


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