Food, glorious food!

ImageLittle Man is eating regular food for part of a meal or two every day now.  He LOVES all the food that we’ve given him so far.  To date, he’s had rice, oatmeal, apples, avocado, and sweet potatoes.  

Every time he tries a new food, he goes through the same routine.  First, he tries it and makes a face like, “Oh… this is new.”  And he almost, almost turns up his nose at it.  Then, I smile and tell him what it is and how good it is.  And he smiles.  

And then he bangs his right hand on his tray until I, very happily, give him more.  And he DEVOURS it — no matter what it is — all the time.  Little Man has clearly inherited his mother’s great love for food and that is perfectly okay with me.  

Later this week, we are hoping to introduce peas to him and I can hardly wait to see his reaction!

Six-month update

It’s hard to believe that Little Man is six-months old.  It’s even harder to believe that I’ve managed to keep him alive all this time.  While I have enjoyed every step of Little Man’s life, I have to say that this is one of my favorite ages so far.  He’s doing so much now and he has a personality that is so very much his own.  

Little Man is eating some rice now!  He LOVES eating with his spoon in his high chair.  Often, he tries to help feed himself when we’re getting the spoon in his mouth, but he really only manages to get the rice all over his hand and nowhere near his mouth when he does that.  We’ve been trying to feed him at dinner so that he’s eating when we’re eating.  He’ll still nurse a little after eating (there’s so little of the rice right now that he’s still getting a lot of his nutrients from me).  It’s been interesting to see him grow this way and I’m starting to see how parenting is just one long letting go.  While I’m excited for him to be able to eat real foods, it’s also a sign that he won’t be “needing” me as much anymore.  Obviously, he still needs someone to prepare his food for him, but anyone can do that.  Up until now, I was the only one that could provide nourishment for him.  I know that there will be many more times for me to “let go”, but it’s sweetened by him getting to experience new things.  

I get kisses often from Little Man where he sucks on my face with a wide-open mouth.  Teacher Man and I went out last night and missed Little Man’s bedtime, so when I picked Little Man out of his crib this morning, he gave me a BIG kiss.  It was super sweet, even though it was 5am.  

Did I mention that the changing from Daylight Savings Time has completely thrown Little Man for a loop?  His schedule is off and he’s waking up earlier than usual.  I’m hoping he sorts himself out soon!  I love spending time with him, but I also like feeling rested when I go to work!  

Little Man is pretty confident in sitting on his own now.  He can’t get to a sitting position or move from that position to another one on his own, but he’s very sturdy when he sits.  He likes to bend and reach for toys that are near him and he chews on EVERYTHING!  

Lately, he and Teacher Man have been playing a game where Little Man will look for Teacher Man and Teacher Man will hide and pop out at different places.  It’s pretty funny and Little Man likes the game so much that he looks for Teacher Man in those hidden spots even when Teacher Man is at work!  

One of the other reasons that I like this age is that Little Man notices when I come home or go to pick him up at the babysitter’s.  I love walking in to see him and having him squeal with delight and reach for my hands when I come home.  It’s so cute and completely melts my heart every time.  

Little Man is such a happy baby and we have been blessed so much in this way.  He usually wakes up pretty happy from his naps and in the morning, he giggles when we play with and tickle him, and he smiles and babbles constantly.  He’s just a delight.  

Gratitude Project Day 4

Forgot to do it yesterday, so I should do it today before I get too far… Gratitude Project Day 4: Grateful for a glass of wine, a supportive husband, and most of all a clear six-month checkup for Little Man! Having a mom who is a ped. nurse always reminds me of how many parents have kids who are super sick all the time. I’m so grateful that Little Man is a healthy and happy little boy!

Gratitude Project Day 3

Gratitude Project Day 3: Today I am grateful that Teacher Man didn’t have to go to the meeting hours and hours away and we got to hang out while not doing schoolwork for a little while today, clean laundry, and peeling giggles from Little Man while Teacher Man played with him. Good day. 

Gratitude Project Day 2

Gratitude Project Day 2: Today, I’m super thankful for the boys’ cross country win (State Champs!), productivity, and getting to finally spend a day with my two guys (even if we were working for much of it, I’m grateful we were at home!).

Today was a really full day of running around and trying to get as much done as we can.  Teacher Man has a long trip tomorrow for a meeting for soccer, so we tried to be productive today so I can spend most of tomorrow focused on Little Man and Teacher Man wouldn’t be all stressed out.  

It’s so hard to believe that Little Man is six months old already!  I’ll have to write a more detailed post about what he’s up to these days in the next day or so.  Look for it!  

Gratitude Project Day 1

One of my friends from college, Jen, started this thing called the Gratitude Project and a bunch of us participate in it every year.  Basically, for the whole month of November, you post on your social media every day about what you happen to be grateful for that day.  The idea is to take a month and make yourself a little more aware of all of the different things that you have to be grateful for.  

I enjoy doing this and I especially like the challenge.  Sometimes, it’s been a rough day and it’s hard to think of what you should be grateful for.  Even in the roughest of days, it’s important to find the positive things.  

I’ll repost here what I’m’ thankful for each day and sometimes I’ll elaborate on it.  

That being said, here’s Gratitude Project Day 1: Today I’m grateful for the freedom to be able to go to Mass with my students on a holy day (and not having to fear our lives for practicing our faith), my amazing English I team (B and V), my cute son being excited to see me after a long time away today, and a husband who does all kinds of good things without being asked.