Gratitude Project Day 1

One of my friends from college, Jen, started this thing called the Gratitude Project and a bunch of us participate in it every year.  Basically, for the whole month of November, you post on your social media every day about what you happen to be grateful for that day.  The idea is to take a month and make yourself a little more aware of all of the different things that you have to be grateful for.  

I enjoy doing this and I especially like the challenge.  Sometimes, it’s been a rough day and it’s hard to think of what you should be grateful for.  Even in the roughest of days, it’s important to find the positive things.  

I’ll repost here what I’m’ thankful for each day and sometimes I’ll elaborate on it.  

That being said, here’s Gratitude Project Day 1: Today I’m grateful for the freedom to be able to go to Mass with my students on a holy day (and not having to fear our lives for practicing our faith), my amazing English I team (B and V), my cute son being excited to see me after a long time away today, and a husband who does all kinds of good things without being asked.


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