Food, glorious food!

ImageLittle Man is eating regular food for part of a meal or two every day now.  He LOVES all the food that we’ve given him so far.  To date, he’s had rice, oatmeal, apples, avocado, and sweet potatoes.  

Every time he tries a new food, he goes through the same routine.  First, he tries it and makes a face like, “Oh… this is new.”  And he almost, almost turns up his nose at it.  Then, I smile and tell him what it is and how good it is.  And he smiles.  

And then he bangs his right hand on his tray until I, very happily, give him more.  And he DEVOURS it — no matter what it is — all the time.  Little Man has clearly inherited his mother’s great love for food and that is perfectly okay with me.  

Later this week, we are hoping to introduce peas to him and I can hardly wait to see his reaction!


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