Post-a-Day Promise

Alright, I decided that for the month of December (minus yesterday since I thought of this when I was in bed last night), I’m going to post every day.  I figure that if I can’t go a whole month while posting something, no matter how small it may be, there’s very little purpose in having a blog.  So, the goal is every day for the rest of the month.  

Today, it was hard for me to leave Little Man when he went to his sitter.  After five full days home with him and Teacher Man, I was *not* excited about returning to work and giving up some of my Little Man time.  The one really nice things about working is that Little Man gets SO EXCITED when he sees me walk in the door at his sitter’s house.  We starts rocking from side to side (he just started doing this when he’s excited and happy) and grinning with his fingers in his mouth.  Always, with the fingers in the mouth. 

Tonight, when we all got home, Little Man gave Teacher Man and I big sloppy kisses back and forth and giggled like crazy while he was doing it!  While baby slobber is not the most sanitary thing to have on one’s face, it’s certainly one of the more fun things!  

I am truly blessed to have a very happy baby who loves to give kisses, snuggle, and always ALWAYS giggles when he’s tickled.  🙂


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