Five Favorites (vol. 1): Baby Things I Love

Little Man’s been in this world for about 7 months now (yikes! how?) and there have been a number of things that have really saved my hide in the past seven months or so.  I have a few friends that are due with their first babies in the next six months or so, so I thought I would put together a list of the top five things that have been great to have around these last seven months.

In no particular order:

1) Munchkin changing pad liners

Product Details

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome these are!  If there’s a messy diaper or if your little boy pees while you’re changing him (like mine used to), then you only need ONE HAND to change these instead of the two hands needed to change the covers.  Well worth the money and they’re WASHABLE.  Fantastic.

2) Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Product Details

I got the one in brown and orange, but I think next time I would go with the sketch diamond (it’s the one in the link).  This diaper bag holds everything so well!  We use cloth diapers (more on those in a minute) and I fold them so they’re all ready for Little Man’s sitter.  This bag can hold five of those, cloth wipes, a spray bottle, bag of toys, spare outfit, a package of disposable wipes, burp rag, nursing cover, and a wet bag.  Then, you can fit bottles, keys, cell phones, those chain things that all babies love, and whatever other small things you might have in the outside pockets.  Plus, can we all appreciate that it does look completely like a diaper bag?  It’s a little on the pricier end, but it’s well made and I will probably buy another one when this one dies (though, really, I hope it never does!).

3) Baby Bullet

Product Details

My youngest sister got this for us when we had Little Man. She has a regular Bullet and LOVES it. And while, yes, you could probably just make the babyhood with the regular Bullet and store it in whatever containers you have, this one comes with containers that fit the servings perfectly and have cute little smiling faces! Plus, the silicon freezer container contains just the right amount for a serving and it’s pretty easy to get the individual servings out to store in a bag in your freezer. We decided to make our own baby food after looking at the price of baby food; folks, it’s crazy! Plus, many of the fruits and veggies are sweetened with apple juice, and we want Little Man to have as much authentically flavored food as possible.

4) Bumgenius Freetimes

Product Details

I promise, I’m not totally crazy. We use cloth diapers with Little Man not because we are hippy-dippy granola types, but because they are so much cheaper and better for the environment. However, to the new or expectant mother, doing research on cloth diapers is very overwhelming: there are MANY different options, every mom who has ever used a cloth diaper loves and hates all of the different kinds out there, and all of the blogs have collectively decided on a new language to talk about diapers (AIO, sposies, inserts, fitteds, etc).

When Teacher Man and I originally decided to cloth diaper, we knew we didn’t want to have to stuff anything (this ruled out Flips and gdiapers in particular) and we didn’t want to have to buy new sizes every time Little Man grew. Enter Bumgenius Freetimes. They are an All In One (that’s what AIO means) and they can fit Little Man from 8 (though, for us, it was more like 10) pounds all the way to 30 or so pounds. Amazing!

We didn’t use them for the first few weeks we were home with Little Man while we got our feet wet and started to figure out how this whole having-a-baby-in-our-house thing was going to work. But, we’ve been using them for quite a few months now, and they’ve definitely lived up to our expectations. We do use a hemp liner for overnight, but other than that, we’ve been very pleased; so much so that I don’t want to use disposables ever again!

5) Munchkin pacifier clip

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I will say the brand that we chose for our pacifier clip and the way it’s made is SO much better than some of those that I’ve seen my friends using.  The metal clip attaches itself easily to all different fabrics, including his jackets.  I’ve seen other moms use pacifier clips that have plastic parts to attach to the fabric and they just aren’t as good because the shirt or onesie has to be *really* thin.  Like, way too thin.  So, this one.  It’s the best.

Alright, now that I’ve imparted all my wisdom on you, I’ll link over to Moxie Wife and her Five Favorites for the week where she talks about her love for small businesses and how they connect to Amazon!


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