Five Faves (Vol. 3): Five favorite things to do during naptime

Okay, so this Five Faves doesn’t have anything to do with Things so much as it does with Time.  As many other Mamas know, naptime is precious, precious time that should never be squandered on frivolous things like Facebook, coffee in peace in quiet, or oggling Project Life stuff on Pinterest or Amazon.


But, really, I do try to make Little Man’s naps as constructive for me as possible.  Here’s what I find myself doing the most often when he naps (or, what I find to be most valuable).

1) Schoolwork.  

When I found out that I was going to be working part-time at school this year, I made a promise to myself and Little Man that, if I could help it, I wouldn’t work on grading or prepping or e-mailing or whatever for school while he’s awake.  I have so little time with him as it is (well, at least that’s how it feels!), that I want to make sure when he’s up and with me, I can focus completely on him.  So far, we’ve been able to swing this pretty well, and I find myself getting my schoolwork done first thing when he naps.  Then, I feel completely productive and anything else I manage to get done feels like a bonus.

2) Prepping for dinner.  

We’ve been getting A LOT of use out of our crock pot the last couple of months, so sometimes my role is to get everything prepped and in the pot before I leave for work so there’s one less thing for us to think about when Teacher Man and I get home.  There have been a couple of times when I’ve tried to do this while Little Man is up and underfoot in his walker (he’s not crawling yet… have we talked about how great and not-great this is?), and it works okay… but it’s much easier to do when he’s asleep.



5) Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Blogging.  

C’mon, you know that sometimes you just need to de-stress and look at a screen for a few minutes.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Five Faves (Vol. 3): Five favorite things to do during naptime

    • Point taken. 🙂 I suppose I would most LIKE to eat brownies and catch up on my tv shows. However, I do like doing most of these things during naptime so that I have the freedom to NOT do these things when Little Man is awake. 🙂


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