Seven Quick Takes: 8 months!

I realized that the last few posts have been very Momma-centered and not very Little Man-centered.  Here is a whole 7QT devoted to my Little Man!

1) It was a big deal today.  Little Man managed to put a Cheerio in his own mouth!  We’ve been giving him Cheerios when he’s in his high chair for the last week or so as a stall while we heat up his dinner.  He’s picked up the Cheerios.  He’s dropped the Cheerios.  He’s thrown the Cheerios.  He’s eaten the Cheerios when we put them in his mouth for him.  But, for the first time today, he did it all on his own!  Proud.

2) We’ve talked about how Little Man has no interest in being on his tummy.  He does, however, love to stand next to the coffee table and band his hand/blocks/little bean things on it over and over again.  He used to only stand for a few seconds, but he does minutes at a time now (big kid that he is!).

3) We managed to get Little Man un-attached to his pacifier at naptime and bedtime (she said while banging on every piece of wood nearby).  It’s a process we started when Teacher Man and I were on break, and it’s been going well so far.  I don’t want to speak of it any further for fear of the magic wearing off.

4) I can’t even believe that Little Man is eight months old.  Pretty soon, he’ll have been out as much time as he was in.  Amazing.  My life has definitely changed since he came along, but definitely for the better.

5) Cup smash!

My sister got Little Man these awesome cups (the picture will kick you over to the link on Amazon) and he LOVES playing with them.  When Is say “playing”, what I really mean is that he waits for Teacher Man or me to build a tower with them and then triumphantly knocks it over.  Then, he chews on one of the cups while he waits for us to build the tower again.

6) Little Man is also now officially taking baths in the big tub.  It took us a little while to move him to the big tub because we wanted to get something to keep him from slipping when he sits (remember, no crawling yet).  I got my act together and got a fun animal bath mat at the store the other day.  So, we put the mat, Little Man, and a few squirt toys in the bathtub and let him have at it.  He was a little unsure at first, but now he likes splashing and kicking around.  Win.

7) I’d seen a picture like this on Pinterest when I was pregnant with Little Man and I was kind of excited to try it out for Little Man’s first Christmas.  I finally had time to try it out the other day.  I don’t think it turned out too badly.


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