Sorry, there’s been a little break here.  But, it was crazy, CRAZY I tell you!  In all of the craziness, it was also a red-letter week here at our house.  Little Man mastered a few things.

He walks!  Kind of!  If we put Little Man next to the coffee table, he’ll hold himself up there for minutes at a time.  Sometimes, even, he’ll stand there without any support.  This only really works when he is distracted by something in his hand.  If he knows he’s standing up by himself, he falls down.

Little Man also has opened up the wonderful world of peek-a-boo.  On Thursday, Little Man and I were sitting on the floor of his room and playing with these big blankets he has.  I was holding one over us and moving it up and down like kids’ groups do with parachutes sometimes.  He thought this was great and we played a few rounds of “Where’s Little Man?” as I billowed the blanket up and down over his face.  Later, I put him in his crib as I went to clean up after his dirty diaper.  When I came back, he had his blanket in front of him and was smiling at me.  I stood there at the crib and said, “Hey, Little Man.  Whatcha doin’?”  He picked up the blanket, held it up in front of his face, and put his head down.  I caught on quickly and said, “Where’d Little Man go?”  He pulled the blanket down and raised his head and smiled.  “There he is!” I cried out.  He was so happy and so stinkin’ cute.  We did that over and over again for a little while.

While he’s good at peek-a-boo, sometimes he gets a little lazy.  He’ll hold the blanket too low and it won’t cover his face.  Then, he just puts his head down.  I swear he must be thinking to himself, If I can’t see her, she surely can’t see me.  Too funny!

In other Non-Little-Man news, Finals are this week and we’ve been getting ready for them in the last week or so.  There was absent work to grade and late work to get caught up on.  Plus, several of the professional development tasks that they threw our way in the last couple of weeks.  But, it’s all gotten done.  I think I might manage to have some time this week to make sure the house is clean and update a few pictures.

Also!  I started Little Man’s baby album.  I decided that I was going to complete it using the Project Life Baby for Him kit.  It’s SUPER cute and I’ve gotten some of the photos in albums and a few of the other cards in place.  I’ll explain more of this as I go and have progress to show.

I also managed to stay up late for a few days and read a great book.  A full post on that sometime in the near future!

For now, good night.  Tomorrow is another day.


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