Seven Quick Takes: A sick day, stem cells, and fearlessness

1. A sick day

I woke up this morning sounding like someone’s grandma with emphysema.  I was set and determined to go to school anyway, but Teacher Man pointed out that we are given sick days for a reason.  So, I took one.  I even dropped Little Man off with his sitter so he could play with the kids and I could take a nap.  Which I did.  For an hour and a half.  I’m feeling a little bit better, but my throat is still sore.  Bring on the Popsicles and let’s hope for an early night tonight.

2. Stem cells that could be less… sticky

I won’t bother rehashing the whole thing (Simcha does a great job of talking about the whole idea here).  But, the gist of it is that scientists think they might have found a way to make stem cells for treatment of things like macular degeneration and some types of cancer from the patient’s own white blood cells.  As with most things, there are opportunities for this technology to be used for good or for evil.  I, for one, will definitely be looking at how this all turns out.

3. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart

When they read together with their matching glasses sitting on the edge of their noses.

This article has been making the rounds on social media today.  It’s pretty amazing and I love what great friends these guys are.  I can only hope that my best friends and I are this awesome when we’re the age of these two.

4. Full House guys reunite on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


5. I was a little off


I made a hat for Little Man.  I think the sizing was off by a touch or two.

6. Fearless

Little Man has been working on cruising around the coffee table and he’s getting pretty good at it.  The only problem is that he has now decided that he doesn’t need to hang on to anything anymore and he should just be able to walk.  Unfortunately, his leg strength disagrees with him and he wobbles and falls.  Which is okay (we all fall, right?); it’s just funny to see him think Oh, yeah, I can totally do this.  And he so, so can’t.  🙂

7. Project Life Baby Edition

As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I’m doing Project Life for Little Man’s baby book.  There’s a sale on Amazon right now for the Baby Edition (link in picture above and here).  If anyone out there is thinking about getting started on a baby book or is looking for a good baby shower gift, this is a great buy.  I’ll write more about Project Life when I have more completed pages to share.  For now, I’ll just say that I’ve definitely found this as an easy way to document Little Man’s first year of life.

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