On serving others

Yesterday was a busy one.  It was Grandparents’ Day at school, I taught all day, had an appointment after school, made dinner, bathed Little Man, and then, after all of this stuff,  I had to bake cookies for Teacher Man’s Calculus class.  

They were celebrating their 100th  homework assignment in two years (seriously?) and having a potluck.  Teacher Man nicely volunteered me for the position of cookie-maker.  

I love baking.  I love baking cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies might be the easiest thing in the world to make.  They take Not That Long to throw together and put in the oven.  

And yet, when I found myself standing in the kitchen tired and waiting for the cookies to just BE DONE IN THE OVEN ALREADY, I was a little grumpy.  There was a plethora of other things that I wanted/needed to do with my time.  There were papers to grade (are there every NOT papers to grade?), floors to clean, and, dang it, I would LIKE to watch just ONE TV SHOW.  I was feeling pretty sad and taxed.  

Because I was making cookies.  For some kids.  

I don’t need to get upset or frustrated about the time it takes to make cookies.  I’m doing more than making cookies; I’m serving these students.  Sure, it’s in a kind-of silly way.  I’m not impacting their education at all.  Heck, they’re not even my students.  But, I’m serving them.  In the same way that I had served my students all day long when I answered all of the questions I had just answered two seconds beforehand.  In the same way that I had served Teacher Man and Little Man when I made dinner.  In the same way that I had bathed Little Man and put him to bed because he can’t yet do these things himself.  

My worldview needs to change.  Instead of seeing it as all of the things I have to do (grade papers, clean the floors, answer my friend’s e-mail), I need to think about the people that I’m serving  (my students, my family, my friend).  

Because, in the true essence of it, I’m not serving just them.  I’m serving Christ.  


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