Seven Quick Takes: Snow, Olympics, and Time

1.  Doctor, doctor, give me the news…

Little Man went to the doctor for his nine month visit.  He was very well-behaved and there were no shots.  I’m sure there’s a correlation between these two statements.  But, seriously, how cute is he sitting in the waiting room?


2.  SNOW!

We live in a place that doesn’t get much snow.  Consequently, when it DOES snow, all heck breaks loose and people tend to lose their minds.  Plus, the city is usually completely unprepared and has almost no plan in place to help with the roads.  It’s not quite Atlanta, but it’s close.  I’ve been very grateful for the past couple of days that I was home and that Teacher Man didn’t works right down the road.  People had to drive for hours and hours when their commute was usually fifteen minutes.  It’s crazy.  I’m grateful that my friends and family are safe and my prayers are with those who don’t have anywhere to go in this weather.

3.  Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.  

This week went by really quickly and I have no idea why.  Things at school were okay, but not awesome and things here at home were pretty much the same.

I bring this up because it occurred to me this last week that when next school year is over, I will have been our of college for TEN YEARS.  That is neither funny nor possible.  I would talk more about this, but I need to have a glass of wine first.

4.  THIS guy!

Little Man had his first experience with snow when we were visiting my parents at Christmas, but we got him all bundled up to go in the snow again today.


A few notes on his outfit.  He’s wearing a diaper and flannel shirt under the whole ensemble.  Then, he has one of those fuzzy, zip-up, one piece bear things (complete with bears on his feet and bear ears on the hood!).  Size: 9mos.  On top of those, he has some snow pants.  Size: 18mos.  And then some shoes.  Just in case.  Size: 5 (whatever that means).  Basically, we went through all of the hand-me-downs that we have LOVED having and just picked some stuff to put on him.

God save us if we ever have a girl who cares what we put on her.

4.  The Olympics!  

I love, LOVE the Olympics.  I’ll admit that I favor the Summer games, but I will gladly watch Figure Skating for the next few weeks.  These events always think of my college roommate and the movie The Cutting Edge.  Tooooooooe piiiiiiick!

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