All the new things!

Okay, so I don’t have any pictures today because it’s been all kinds of crazy over here.

I was gone most of the day on Saturday teaching an SAT prep class at school.  While I was gone, Little Man learned how to pull himself up on the coffee table and he was SO PROUD.  Every time he did it, he was like “I’m so cool guys.  Look at me.  So cool.”

As I mentioned, the day before Saturday (Friday… duh…) Little Man learned how to say Mama.  Oh my goodness.  I don’t remember the last time something made my heart melt so much.  Maybe at his first smile.  Does it always get so awesomely better?!

Then, later on Saturday, Little Man decided to go for broke and started taking his first steps all on his own!  He dropped my fingers, took three steps away from me, paused, took two more steps, and then started to fall.  It was amazing and ALL he wants to do now is walk.  It’s adorable.

Consequently, Little Man is getting more and more brave with his walking.  He’ll just let go of my hands or the chair or whatever and start walking.  This doesn’t always work out well for him; he’s still a little unsteady.  Teacher Man remarked today that he looks like a drunk Frankenstein’s monster.  It’s totally accurate.

Today, he kind of crossed a new walking milestone when he let go of the chair he was holding onto and walked a few steps over to his high chair all on his own.

Basically, because of all of this walking nonsense, my life as I know it is over.  Everyone says that: Oh, now you need to childproof everything and he’s going to get into all kinds of stuff.  Yes.  He’s a baby.  That’s what they do.  🙂

He’s also flipping from his back onto his tummy and manages to not cry all the time when he’s on his tummy!  Hooray!

Okay, enough bragging for now.  I have some thoughts on other things that I need to share with you, and I obviously need to take some pictures of all of this stuff so I can prove that it’s happening (because, you know, if you don’t document something and post it on the Internet, then it may not have happened!).


2 thoughts on “All the new things!

  1. Awwww that’s lovely!
    My 18 month old is a tornado…walking was just the beginning of the end…of housework, orderly kitchen cupboards and toy boxes that actually had toys in, not strewn across the floor! Would we have it any other way though? 🙂


    • Definitely not! As I’m sitting here, I see all of the tows strewn about the living room and feeling my back ache from reaching down to hold his little hands as he practices walking. And I totally don’t care at all. 🙂


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