7 in 7: Day 2

Today’s been a little extra-busy because… My Mom Is Coming To Town Tomorrow!


For all of you who live away from your parents, I’m sure that you understand how excited I am.  While Teacher Man’s family lives only a mile away and having them so close is a blessing, there’s nothing quite like having your own family around.  Teacher Man is going on retreat with some of the kiddos for a couple of days, so my mom will be here to help out with Little Man and hang out with me.  I’m so excited!

In Little Man news, he’s just started “sharing” by handing toys to us and then holding out his hand to get them back.  It’s pretty cute and we’re trying to reinforce the idea by giving him a huge “Thank You!” and smiling when he does it.  It’s so fun to see him start to learn a little bit about how to interact with the world.

Okay, I would write more, but I’m about to pass out from exhaustion and EXCITEMENT.  I promise a more content-focused post tomorrow.

If you aren’t ready to pass out yet and want to see some of the other bloggers participating in the seven blogs in seven says this week, go check out this post from Jen!


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