7 in 7 Day 3: Five Faves

Mom is here!  Woohoo!  Celebrate with these five things that I love this week:

1. The New Yorker

Everyone has their little guilty pleasures.  Mine was ordered a couple of weeks ago in the form of a three month subscription to The New Yorker.  I’ve subscribed to lots of magazines over the years: Vanity Fair, Time, and Real Simple to name a few.  Real Simple is the only one I’ve stayed with for any real length of time and I barely have time to read that anymore.

But… the lactation room (such a weird term, isn’t it?) at work is freezing cold and has spotty wi-fi at best, so I wanted to get something light that could feat easily into my bag with my breastpump.  This magazine fit the bill and I’ve really enjoyed getting to read more poems and short fiction during my time in the LR.  It’s bit pricey for a magazine, but they had one of those amazing you’ll-practically-only-pay-for-shipping kind of deals and I just couldn’t pass it up.

2. Verily Magazine

I love, LOVE this magazine and I don’t even subscribe to it.  Right now, I just check the web content, but it’s so refreshing to read a “women’s magazine” written by women who are roughly the same age I am and in the same place in life and who are, gasp, real!

There are all kinds of wonderful articles.  But, I’ll say I’m guilty of this, fascinated by this, and need all kinds of help here.

3. The knights who say… Ni!

As I walked from the library to my classroom today, I started paying attention to the conversation happening behind me between two junior-aged boys.  Quickly, I figured out that it wasn’t a conversation so much as it was them reciting the ENTIRE “Knights Who Say Ni!” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Think what you want about Monty Python, but it’s pretty impressive that generations later, teenage boys still get a kick out of their stuff.  (P.S. — The photo links to the source; hooray for citations being done kind of halfway.  Go English teachers!)

4. “Counting Stars”

For some reason, I absolutely have to listen to this song at a moderately loud volume (if the volume goes too high, I don’t have any music at all) in my car.  So dang catchy!

5. Hanging on!


Don’t we all feel like this some days?  🙂

I’m doing seven posts in seven days with these lovely people AND a Five Faves with these other lovely people.  Check them out!


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