7QT: Done and To Do

Folks, Spring Break starts… NOW!  Hoooooorraaaaaaay!  I have so much to do that a week with no teaching is going to be the biggest blessing.  With that, I leave you with the things that I managed to get done this week and things that I hope to do next week.  All rolled up into one glorious post.

1. It’s officially Spring!  

The daffodils are in full bloom, the tulips are thisclose to being ready, and the garden is begging to be tilled.  While I’m thankful that Teacher Man is the one to till the garden, I am in control of the flower beds and they need some WORK.  I didn’t do a whole lot with them last year and in the fall (what with the being pregnant and having a baby and everything), so I’ve got my work cut out for me.  We have lots of bulbs (daffodils and gladiolas in the back and tulips in the front), a few random peonies in the back, and one rose bush each in the front and back.

What I need help with is what other flowers I can add.  I’d like to throw in some annuals, but I don’t really know where to start.  What other wildflowers and annuals do you love and that I should put in our yard?  We get some sun and some areas are about 50/50 for sun and shade.  Let me know!

2. Tooth!

This isn’t something *I* did, but Little Man has cut his first tooth!  It’s definitely there — I can see the bone showing through and everything.  I’m excited that he will finally have teeth, but a little wary about what this will mean for breastfeeding.  Sigh.

[This is where the picture of the tooth would be.  I don’t have a picture because it’s just a liiiiiitle nub and just looking in a baby mouth with a little nub of a tooth is a little gross.  I promise to post a picture when it looks more like a tooth.]

3. Cleaning all the things!

While our house is usually pretty clean, this has been a tough week.  In addition, I need to do all of those things that only get done once a year (wiping down the cabinets) and every few months (cleaning the baseboards).

I really do like cleaning — I worked as a maid for part of one summer in college — and I enjoy the satisfaction of being able to see your progress and what you’ve accomplished.

4. Softball and sunshine

We took a break today after school to grab Little Man and take him to his second ever softball game at school.  He went once when he was a brand new babe (which is quite the story, but I’ll have to leave that for a post later), but nothing since then.

I love softball and Teacher Man and I actually met because we were coaching the softball teams at school.  I am so, SO excited to take Little Man to a few baseball games this summer.  I know he might not make it through all nine innings, but I’m hoping I can get him through a couple.


5. Brewing and baking

Spring Break also means that Teacher Man and I will have a chance to do some of the things that we don’t have time for when school is in session.  He will brew beer (though, to be honest, I love this too) and I will Bake Something.  My dad recently told me that he had a brand new way to make crullers (there’s been a recipe with fried crullers in the family for generations) that involves baking.  I’m hoping that he passes the recipe along soon so I can give it a try during the break.

Crullers look something like this (but we use powdered sugar instead of cinnamon sugar):

6. In This House of Brede

I’m reading this book for my book club and I really like it.  I’m having a hard time remembering who all of the nuns are sometimes (it switches pretty quickly), but the plot is really interesting and I love what the author has to say about religious life.

That doesn’t really make sense, does it?  Okay, I’ll devote a whole post to it later.  For now, just know that I’ll be reading over the break.

7. This list.  

I had no idea if everything on here is accurate or not (and I don’t really have the time to check, sorry).  But, if it IS all true, this is just amazing.  Buzz Feed can be a little much at times, but I enjoyed reading the list.

Whew!  Now, I’m going to go and start doing something Spring Break-ish.  Have a lovely weekend and check out the other Quick Take-rs at Jen’s.  

Through the ringer

I know, I know.  Still no proper post.

I started working on a Five Faves for this week and then there were conferences tonight and now I’m ready to fall face-forward on the keyboard and just lie like that for a little while and let the drool just ruin my keyboard because, friends, I just do. not. care.

So, sadly, no new and exciting post tonight.  Instead, I leave you a post with this face.



I call this one: “Wait… what’s going on… over there?”

Quick Update

Okay, okay, there’s a huge stack of grading that’s sitting next to me and I HAVE to make some progress on it tonight.  I just had to stop by to say a few things.  In no particular order:

1) Hi.  I’ve missed writing.  I’m sorry I’ve been away, but we are in the last final gasps as we heave ourselves toward the checkpoint that is Spring Break.  Seriously, it’s taking all of my energy to just function right now.  We’ve so, so close.

2) We went hiking with Little Man on Saturday.  Threw him in the backpack and had a blast.  He liked waving at us from the backpack.  Little Man even got to pet a horse that was on the trail.  Great day.


3) I found this hat for Little Man for the grand sum total of $2 at Old Navy.  I kind of had to break my Lenten promise of only buying things I need and not things I want.  So mea culpa.  But, also super cute.  Also, please ignore the tags that are hanging from the back.  I was so excited to snap a photo that I didn’t bother waiting to do silly things like take tags off.  But, be real, would you have waited to put this hat on this face?  I didn’t think so.  


And with that, the quickest of updates, I’m going back to the Pile Of Grading.

Five Faves: Vol. 6

This Five Faves doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason to it.  There’s no theme here.  It’s sunny out and things are just a little more awesome than usual.

1. The best way to store sheets ever in the history of the world  

I am the WORST when it comes to folding a fitted sheet.  Seriously, the WORST.  Whenever I fold one, it always ends up in one big jumbled mess and I ask myself why I even bothered folding it in the first place.  Until this tutorial.

It’s the single greatest way to fold and store your sheets, no matter the size.  And my linen closet looks so much neater (well, the shelf with all the sheets looks neater, anyway!).

2. The Original Broadway Cast recording of “Fiddler on the Roof”

I wrote in one of my posts last week about how I’ve started the long training process for a 5K (hey! I once walked a marathon, but running is faster — go figure– and I kind of hate it, so I have to train).  I also mentioned that I listen to the “Music Man” station on Pandora when I train.

I’ll have you know that “To Life” got me through the portion of my run with hills yesterday and it was glorious.  (Note: this isn’t the best version, but it’s what I could find. )

If you think that there’s no difference between the Original Broadway Cast and the Movie Cast recordings, you are wearing crazy pants.  Nothing and no one come close to Zero Mostel when it comes to Tevye.

3. Speaking of running, use this app!

In no way does anyone over at MapMyFitness know who am I and even if they did they wouldn’t want me to be the poster child for endorsing their product.  But, this app is pretty cool.  You can use to track all kind of fitness on your smarty-phone and it will tell you via your earphones how far you’ve gone or how long it’s been since you started!  It’ll even do it in different intervals.

Trust me on this one; so much better than continuously looking at your watch and praying that it’s been two minutes, already!

4. The GoodReads widget

I’m probably the last person to get on the GoodReads train, but I do kind of like it.  I’m not sure that I like all of the notifications about who added me as a friend, but I’m sure that I could change that if I bothered to change my settings on anything ever.

But!  GoodReads also has a widget!  Which you can conveniently find right over there. –>

In case you were wondering what I’m reading or how many stars I gave Green Eggs and Ham, wonder no more!

5. Suits is back!

I know I already mentioned it in my post from last week, but Suits is back!  Hooray!  If you haven’t been watching the show, you can catch up through Amazon’s streaming video or On Demand.  Do it!  Get Litt Up!

Linking up with the other ladies for the Five Faves here.  

Seven Quick Takes: daffodils, picking stuff up, and running!

1) I know Lent just started and that we should be all serious and grave and sacrificing and whatever, but I can’t help posting pictures of these:


Aren’t they amazing?!  And they’re growing all over our backyard.  It’s kind of gloomy in this area of the country in March, but these babies make everything brighter and happier.  And I love.

2) Little Man got to meet one of his new friends this week.  She’s the daughter of one of my friends and coworkers and she’s about a month old.  It’s crazy to compare the two of them and see how small he used to be and how big she’s going to be in not very long.

3) How I’ll Not Win Mother Of The Year: Little Man had an appointment with the doctor this week.  It was a checkup after the nine month checkup to just make sure things were going the way they should (I’m not going to go too far into it because it doesn’t really matter).  The doctor was duly impressed that Little Man can go about twenty steps (!) on his own.  When I asked if she wanted to see, Little Man took three steps and almost completely faceplanted on the floor.  In front of the doctor.  Awesome, me.

4) I started a walking/running regime in the last few weeks.  I’m hoping to run in a 5K with my sister at the end of May, so time to get moving!  I’m using this plan; it’s not too hard, but still gets me in shape (I’ve used it before).  We’re only on Day 2, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Ask me when we get to the 30 straight minutes of running.  :-/  But!  I get to wear the new shoes that I got for myself when we were at the Nike Employee store a couple of weeks ago.  New shoes make everything better.  🙂


5) I had a student blatantly lie to me this week.  I have to say, it’s one of my least favorite things about teaching teenagers.  Their parents want to believe that their kids are never lying to them (or me), but their kids are willing to do anything to not get in trouble with their parents.  And their underdeveloped frontal lobes tell them that lying is sometime the best way to accomplish this.  Sigh.

6) Little Man was finally able to pick something up off the floor while still standing!  Yesterday, he reached down and got his calculator (yes, he has his own calculator) from the floor while hanging on to the coffee table.  Yay!

7) Sorry that I’m a little late to the Quick Takes party this week.  Last night, I was trying to get some work done and then watching “Suits” with Teacher Man.  What?  You don’t watch “Suits”?  You are seriously, seriously missing out.  Get on it, right now!  The third season just started up again after a winter break.  But, you can catch up on the other two seasons through Amazon’s streaming service.  Do it and Get Litt Up!

When you’re done catching up with “Suits”, go check out the other 7QTs at Jen’s.


I know, it’s not a very original title, right?  But, Lent is here and since I didn’t post yesterday on Ash Wednesday, I figured today would be a good day for a post.

I know that people are divided on whether or not it’s appropriate or even just a good idea to share with others what you’re “doing” for Lent.  This “doing” includes not only the things that one is “giving up”, but also what people might be taking on in order to improve some part of their life.

I’ve given this some thought, and while I think that people have every reason to not share what they’re doing for Lent (for example, if it’s very personal or if it would call more attention to yourself, which really isn’t the point, right?).  This year, however, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the things that I’m doing for Lent.

Giving Up:

I’m reusing something I’ve done a couple of years.  I’m only going to buy things I need and not things I want.  This includes things like shoes, lattes, and cookies.  It doesn’t seem like much, but when you start to realize how you go through your day and that there are opportunities to just get a little something here and there (I’ve never been a big shopper), it starts to add up both monetarily and in physical stuff.  So, I’m doing a little preemptive purging if you want to think of it that way.


Our parish gives out these little black books that have readings and reflections in them for each day of Lent.  Teacher Man and I are going to say it together every night before we go to bed.  Taking even a few minutes to pray together is going to be so good for us.

Doing Something (sorry, I don’t know what else to call it):

I’m going to read a faith-centered book with some of my mom’s group friends; holding each other accountable is going to be good, I think.  In addition, I want to get *one thing* off of my personal to-do list done every day.  This goes beyond “Pack Little Man for Daycare” and into things like “Clean off my dresser”.  While I don’t think that I’m a lazy person, I’m not always the best steward of my time, particularly in the evening.  So, work on it we shall.

What do you do for Lent?  Or, if you prefer not to share, why not?

Ten Months!


I can’t even believe that this guy is ten months old!  When did this happen?!  Here are Little Man’s Top Ten at Ten Months.

1) Little Man loves walking everywhere.  His current record is about twenty steps all on his own from on part of the house to the other.  The best part is that they’re little teetering steps from side to side as well as forward.

2) If given the choice, he would prefer to eat everything with his own hands in little pieces off of his tray.  Even if that includes yogurt.  Which, I don’t know if you know, is not exactly the easiest thing to grab with your little pincher fingers.

3) This kid talks and talks and talks and talks.  He did “da da” for awhile, then in the last month or so, he’s gotten “ma ma”, “na na”, and “yeah yeah” (apparently, he only feels comfortable with one vowel sound).  But he talks all the time.  Little Man’s also at the point now where when he’s really into something he likes to yell “YEAH YEAH over and over.  It’s pretty hilarious.

4) While Little Man loves walking, he’s not super great at it.  He bit it and fell on his face on our hard floors a couple of times last week and he’s been a little more cautious since then.  Wise lesson to learn there, kiddo.

5) Little Man knows that Teacher Man is usually in his office/guestroom.  I’ll ask Little Man when he’s done nursing, “Where’s da da?” and he’ll take my fingers and lead me to the office.  He’ll even sneak his little head around the corner to try and find Teacher Man sooner.

6) In the last day or two, he’s started stretching his hands out to the ceiling and reaching for the lights.  It kind of makes MY eyes hurt to watch him stare at the lights for minutes at a time, but he loves it.  We’re also working on getting him to raise the same hands that we do so that he can mirror us.  I really think he’s just going to be an awesome choir director when he goes up.  I have yet to capture this on film (really, film?!), but that’s my goal for the next couple of days.

7) No teeth yet.  But I am totally okay for with that for right now.

8) Little Man has just started to share his toys with us.  It’s limited to the bathtub right now, but he likes to take some of the bath toys and offer them to us when he’s playing with them.  We’ll try sharing the other toys sometime soon.

9) He waves goodbye and hello to us now!  He usually needs a little prompting that that’s what he should be doing (“Wave goodbye to da da!”), but he waves.  And it melts my heart every time.

10) This little boy is ALL boy!  He loves his cars and smashing things.  In the mornings, there’s a lot of traffic on our street from the different schools that all start within a few minutes of each other.  He likes to stand by the front window and watch all of them go back and forth.  He’s a little short to look out the window on his own, but he likes to stand on his legs so he can see.

Whew!  10 things!  10 months!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  🙂

7 in 7: Day 6: The A’s in Oakland

My mom left. 😦

But Teacher Man is back!  🙂

Instead of talking about that, though, let’s talk about something that is really important.  Late this week, this article came out saying that the San Francisco Giants are willing to share AT&T Park with the Oakland A’s.  This offer is only on the table if the A’s decide to build another park in the Bay Area AND if they DON’T build a park in San Jose.

As the resident A’s fan in these parts (and there aren’t many of us), people have been asking me how I feel about this.  To me, it’s simple.  Keep the A’s in Oakland.

Look, I was born in the City By The Bay, but I’ve been an Oakland fan since I was little.  I’ll be honest.  Oakland, as a city, doesn’t have a whole lot going for it.  And, as a true Oakland fan, I get a little ticked off when tv stations show clips from San Francisco (cable cars, etc.) when covering A’s games.  They do know that Oakland and San Francisco aren’t the same city, right?  That there’s a whole BODY OF WATER separating them, right?  Sigh.

My point is that while I would LOVE for the A’s to move to some of the other cities they’re tossing around (closer to me!), I really want them to stay in Oakland.  Kick the stupid Raiders down to LA again, bulldoze O.co Stadium, and build a new stadium there.  And O.co is not a nice park in any sense of the word, but the A’s have never really needed a whole lot anyway.

The other option that’s been batted back and forth (ha!) has been to build a new stadium on the waterfront. This wouldn’t be too bad, either, as far as I’m concerned

Really, though.  Please keep the A’s in Oakland.

Even though this post is a little different than most of the others this week, I am doing the Seven Posts in Seven Days challenge with the lovely people over at Jen’s.