7 in 7: Day 6: The A’s in Oakland

My mom left. 😦

But Teacher Man is back!  🙂

Instead of talking about that, though, let’s talk about something that is really important.  Late this week, this article came out saying that the San Francisco Giants are willing to share AT&T Park with the Oakland A’s.  This offer is only on the table if the A’s decide to build another park in the Bay Area AND if they DON’T build a park in San Jose.

As the resident A’s fan in these parts (and there aren’t many of us), people have been asking me how I feel about this.  To me, it’s simple.  Keep the A’s in Oakland.

Look, I was born in the City By The Bay, but I’ve been an Oakland fan since I was little.  I’ll be honest.  Oakland, as a city, doesn’t have a whole lot going for it.  And, as a true Oakland fan, I get a little ticked off when tv stations show clips from San Francisco (cable cars, etc.) when covering A’s games.  They do know that Oakland and San Francisco aren’t the same city, right?  That there’s a whole BODY OF WATER separating them, right?  Sigh.

My point is that while I would LOVE for the A’s to move to some of the other cities they’re tossing around (closer to me!), I really want them to stay in Oakland.  Kick the stupid Raiders down to LA again, bulldoze O.co Stadium, and build a new stadium there.  And O.co is not a nice park in any sense of the word, but the A’s have never really needed a whole lot anyway.

The other option that’s been batted back and forth (ha!) has been to build a new stadium on the waterfront. This wouldn’t be too bad, either, as far as I’m concerned

Really, though.  Please keep the A’s in Oakland.

Even though this post is a little different than most of the others this week, I am doing the Seven Posts in Seven Days challenge with the lovely people over at Jen’s.  


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