Ten Months!


I can’t even believe that this guy is ten months old!  When did this happen?!  Here are Little Man’s Top Ten at Ten Months.

1) Little Man loves walking everywhere.  His current record is about twenty steps all on his own from on part of the house to the other.  The best part is that they’re little teetering steps from side to side as well as forward.

2) If given the choice, he would prefer to eat everything with his own hands in little pieces off of his tray.  Even if that includes yogurt.  Which, I don’t know if you know, is not exactly the easiest thing to grab with your little pincher fingers.

3) This kid talks and talks and talks and talks.  He did “da da” for awhile, then in the last month or so, he’s gotten “ma ma”, “na na”, and “yeah yeah” (apparently, he only feels comfortable with one vowel sound).  But he talks all the time.  Little Man’s also at the point now where when he’s really into something he likes to yell “YEAH YEAH over and over.  It’s pretty hilarious.

4) While Little Man loves walking, he’s not super great at it.  He bit it and fell on his face on our hard floors a couple of times last week and he’s been a little more cautious since then.  Wise lesson to learn there, kiddo.

5) Little Man knows that Teacher Man is usually in his office/guestroom.  I’ll ask Little Man when he’s done nursing, “Where’s da da?” and he’ll take my fingers and lead me to the office.  He’ll even sneak his little head around the corner to try and find Teacher Man sooner.

6) In the last day or two, he’s started stretching his hands out to the ceiling and reaching for the lights.  It kind of makes MY eyes hurt to watch him stare at the lights for minutes at a time, but he loves it.  We’re also working on getting him to raise the same hands that we do so that he can mirror us.  I really think he’s just going to be an awesome choir director when he goes up.  I have yet to capture this on film (really, film?!), but that’s my goal for the next couple of days.

7) No teeth yet.  But I am totally okay for with that for right now.

8) Little Man has just started to share his toys with us.  It’s limited to the bathtub right now, but he likes to take some of the bath toys and offer them to us when he’s playing with them.  We’ll try sharing the other toys sometime soon.

9) He waves goodbye and hello to us now!  He usually needs a little prompting that that’s what he should be doing (“Wave goodbye to da da!”), but he waves.  And it melts my heart every time.

10) This little boy is ALL boy!  He loves his cars and smashing things.  In the mornings, there’s a lot of traffic on our street from the different schools that all start within a few minutes of each other.  He likes to stand by the front window and watch all of them go back and forth.  He’s a little short to look out the window on his own, but he likes to stand on his legs so he can see.

Whew!  10 things!  10 months!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  🙂


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