Quick Update

Okay, okay, there’s a huge stack of grading that’s sitting next to me and I HAVE to make some progress on it tonight.  I just had to stop by to say a few things.  In no particular order:

1) Hi.  I’ve missed writing.  I’m sorry I’ve been away, but we are in the last final gasps as we heave ourselves toward the checkpoint that is Spring Break.  Seriously, it’s taking all of my energy to just function right now.  We’ve so, so close.

2) We went hiking with Little Man on Saturday.  Threw him in the backpack and had a blast.  He liked waving at us from the backpack.  Little Man even got to pet a horse that was on the trail.  Great day.


3) I found this hat for Little Man for the grand sum total of $2 at Old Navy.  I kind of had to break my Lenten promise of only buying things I need and not things I want.  So mea culpa.  But, also super cute.  Also, please ignore the tags that are hanging from the back.  I was so excited to snap a photo that I didn’t bother waiting to do silly things like take tags off.  But, be real, would you have waited to put this hat on this face?  I didn’t think so.  


And with that, the quickest of updates, I’m going back to the Pile Of Grading.


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