Aaaaaaalmost a year!

Tomorrow, Little Man turns one year old.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I just can’t believe it.  All day long, I’ve been thinking in my head things like, A year ago right now, Lauren and I were walking up and down the hills and trying to get her labor started and A year ago right now, I was calling Teacher Man and breathing through the words this-is-not-a-drill while I was having a contraction.  

The time has flown by (as every mom will tell you) and it seems like just yesterday I was getting comfortable in my very first hospital bed and gearing up for a long night of labor.

In the last year, I’ve changed in so many ways.  I’ve become more aware of my own mortality (have we talked about that? probably not. another time), become a much softer person (both in personality and in physical squishiness), and a tiny little bit more patient than I used to be.

I never really thought that I would feel this way, but I feel good about being a mom.  I’ll admit, I’m not rocking it all of the time, but things are okay.  I like being a mom to Little Man.  I like taking care of him.  I feel comfortable with this new definition of who I am as a person.

Thankfully, we don’t have any pictures of me in labor (really, who wants that? no sane person, imo), so I can’t leave you with a photo of what I was doing on this day.

Instead, head back this way tomorrow and you’ll get to see some pics of the Little Man and I promise to tell you about how this last weekend was CRAY and I haven’t had an ounce of energy to blog about anything ever.

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Five Faves Vol. 8: Little Man Faves!

It’s incredibly hard to believe, but Little Man is almost a year old.  Before we get into toddlerhood (when does that happen, exactly? a year? I’m saying a year), I thought it might be fun to talk about Little Man’s Five Faves for the last few weeks.  I considered asking him, but I wasn’t sure how that would go.  Instead, here are my observations of his Faves.  (P.S. — There are no links to buying any of these things anywhere because, well, most of them are just parts of our house and not the tens of toys he has at his disposal at all times.)

1. Doors


They open.  And they close.  And they open.  And they close.  Really, he could do this all day, every day (and he kind of does).  I know, I know, he’s probably going to get his fingers caught in the door and he’s probably going to cry and be a little hurt.  But, I’m fairly confident that’s going to happen at some point in his life, be that now or when he’s an adult (his mother, after all, is a complete klutz).

He really likes thinking that he can close the door on us and leave us out in the hallway.  Probably not a great standard to set, but oh well for right now.

2. Lights

For the last two months or so, Little Man has been able to say “ight!” for light.  Over and over and over again.  He points them out wherever he sees them.

I have even managed to make him the weird kid, a little bit.  For a while, we played that game where the adult switches the light on and off when blowing at the light.  So, Little Man would see lights all over the place (like in the store) and would try and blow them out.


3. Dogs

He is still in love with the ruff-ruffs all the time.  He will see them on the street and just want to follow them and pet them and kiss them.

We don’t have to work on stranger-danger in our house.  We have to work on stranger-dog-danger in our house.

I’m just praying he’s not going to be the weird kid who barks at people.

4. Cars


Little Man and I play cars at the coffee table in the mornings.  Also, since we live right down the street from three different schools, 7:40-8:00 in the morning is prime Looking At Cars Out The Front Window time.  That’s what we do.  And it’s awesome.  His little head goes back and forth and back and forth…

5. The-thing-he’s-not-supposed-to-have-that-is-just-out-of-his-reach

Like all good babies, Little Man wants what he can’t have.  At any given moment, this includes my computer, dada’s keys, the cheese grater, the old piece of food on the floor, chocolate bunnies, or shoes.  Whatever it is, though, it’s his MOST FAVORITE THING THAT HE MUST HAVE.


He says, “Can I have the camera, please?  I wants it!”

If you want to read some takes of what some real-life adults like, go check out the other Five Faves here.  

What a weekend.

I’m having one of those Sunday nights where it seems like the weekend didn’t even happen.

Part of this is because the majority of it was spent helping out with a retreat at school.  There were many extra hours logged with teenagers this weekend.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing… but I’m glad it’s over.

The highlight of the experience with teenagers was Friday night.  The other teacher leader and I were coming back with about six high schoolers on the short bus from the retreat center back to the high school.  We finally arrived at about 11:30pm and one of the girl’s rides decided to honk the horn about twenty times.

Not cool.

Then, the kids dispersed to their cars or waited around for their rides all wearing black (that’s part of the deal we did for the retreat).

Let’s recap: loud honking, kids arriving late at high school, all are wearing black.

Soooooo… a cop showed up.  He pulled up next to me and addressed me, saying, “Hey coach.”

Because I was soooooo tired and not functioning even a little bit, I decided that it would be a good idea to correct him.  The cop.  And tell him that I’m just a lowly teacher.

Sigh.  But, then we told him that we were Solemnly Up To Just Good.  He still poked around a little, but was nice enough to make sure everything was locked up.

Then, yesterday was spent running all kinds of errands all over the place for a thousand things that are not one iota of exciting.

Today, though, was Palm Sunday and one of my most Favorite Days.  I love Holy Week, and Palm Sunday kicks it off.  Little Man also loved Palm Sunday and proceeded to play with the palms (both in church and at home) and hit himself in the face with them again and again and again.  I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the sacrilege behavior, so he should be okay.

Lastly, today was errands and work of the House kind and the School kind.

And now the weekend is over.  BUT!  It’s a short week at school (we have Friday off for Good Friday), so I can’t complain too much.

Sunshiiiiiiiine… Suuuuunshiiiiiiine.

Oh my goodness, guys the suuuuuuun is heeeeeeeeere.  And it might even stick around for a little while this time.  Here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW if you’re really hipster and cool), this is the beginning of the best time of year.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain here ALL the time.  Just, you know, for several months of the year.

Even better than that, here are some picture of my ACTUAL FLOWERS from the front yard.  See?  I can grow things.  (Even though, let’s be honest, growing anything that comes in bulb form is pretty much not that hard.  I mean, really.  Stick it in the ground with the correct side pointed up.  Wait several months.  Enjoy blooms.)

wpid-imag0589.jpg wpid-imag0591.jpg

But aren’t they pretty?  Even when taken on my not-fancy smartie phone?

In addition to all things growing around here, Little Man has decided that he needs to be with his Dada all the time.  Seriously.  Teacher Man now has a little shadow that follows him around everywhere.


To me, it’s adorable.  But I’m also not the one being followed into the bathroom.  Yet.

Today was capped off with the three of us going to watch the freshmen baseball game at school.  These next two pictures are my Most Favorite Things.



Let’s take a look at that glorious sunshine for one more minute, shall we?



7 Quick Takes:… and we’re back!

Okay, so apparently I decided to take all of Spring Break off from blogging AND school.

Sorry about that.

Instead of trying to recap All The Things, let’s just look at seven of the things.

1. Ruff ruff!

The Monday of Spring Break, Teacher Man and I took Little Man to the park for his very first picnic.  Little Man was not great about eating off of not a tray.  But, he was REALLY distracted by this woman who was playing fetch with her dog about a hundred yards away from us.  Little Man kept looking at the dog and saying “Ruff-ruff!” over and over again.  Teacher Man even tried to sit in between Little Man and the dog in order to get him to focus.  Instead, Little Man just leaned around to keep looking at the ruff-ruff.


2. Playground!  

No, his vocabulary isn’t quite that advanced.  When we were at the park, we took Little Man on our first romp on a play structure.  There were quite a few older kids (and you can’t blame them, it was BEAUTIFUL outside), and Little Man was a little wary of them.  But, overall I think he had a good time.  Once he starts to feel even more sturdy on his feet, I think he’ll have a blast.


3. King of the Castle

Little Man walks EVERYWHERE now.  He’s at the point where when Teacher Man leaves the room to go somewhere else, Little Man just follows him out of the room like, “Where are we going now, dada?”

My life as I know it is over.  And that is pretty okay.

4. Play ball!

We realized that Little Man didn’t have a hat for the summer, so we got him one.  And it is GREAT.


Look at him all walking and looking like a big boy.  I can’t even believe that he’s eleven months old.  It’s insanity.

5. One or two sleepless nights.  

Little Man is cutting some more teeth, methinks.  He had a couple of nights where he couldn’t sleep unless we were holding him and he kept sucking on his lips and putting his fingers in his mouth.  Poor guy.  😦

6. Over break, Little Man made this face a lot.  


I’m not sure why, but he LOVES sticking his tongue out at us.

7. Mama’s work is never done.  

Seriously.  I had this big list of things that I wanted to get done over break.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make nearly as much progress as I would have liked.  But, it’s okay.  I had some time to hang out with my two favorite guys and to have some fun and catch up on some schoolwork.


Now that you’re kind of updated, I’ll renew my promise to update again more regularly.  Only two months and one week until summer!  In the meantime, check our the other 7QT peeps.