7 Quick Takes:… and we’re back!

Okay, so apparently I decided to take all of Spring Break off from blogging AND school.

Sorry about that.

Instead of trying to recap All The Things, let’s just look at seven of the things.

1. Ruff ruff!

The Monday of Spring Break, Teacher Man and I took Little Man to the park for his very first picnic.  Little Man was not great about eating off of not a tray.  But, he was REALLY distracted by this woman who was playing fetch with her dog about a hundred yards away from us.  Little Man kept looking at the dog and saying “Ruff-ruff!” over and over again.  Teacher Man even tried to sit in between Little Man and the dog in order to get him to focus.  Instead, Little Man just leaned around to keep looking at the ruff-ruff.


2. Playground!  

No, his vocabulary isn’t quite that advanced.  When we were at the park, we took Little Man on our first romp on a play structure.  There were quite a few older kids (and you can’t blame them, it was BEAUTIFUL outside), and Little Man was a little wary of them.  But, overall I think he had a good time.  Once he starts to feel even more sturdy on his feet, I think he’ll have a blast.


3. King of the Castle

Little Man walks EVERYWHERE now.  He’s at the point where when Teacher Man leaves the room to go somewhere else, Little Man just follows him out of the room like, “Where are we going now, dada?”

My life as I know it is over.  And that is pretty okay.

4. Play ball!

We realized that Little Man didn’t have a hat for the summer, so we got him one.  And it is GREAT.


Look at him all walking and looking like a big boy.  I can’t even believe that he’s eleven months old.  It’s insanity.

5. One or two sleepless nights.  

Little Man is cutting some more teeth, methinks.  He had a couple of nights where he couldn’t sleep unless we were holding him and he kept sucking on his lips and putting his fingers in his mouth.  Poor guy.  😦

6. Over break, Little Man made this face a lot.  


I’m not sure why, but he LOVES sticking his tongue out at us.

7. Mama’s work is never done.  

Seriously.  I had this big list of things that I wanted to get done over break.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make nearly as much progress as I would have liked.  But, it’s okay.  I had some time to hang out with my two favorite guys and to have some fun and catch up on some schoolwork.


Now that you’re kind of updated, I’ll renew my promise to update again more regularly.  Only two months and one week until summer!  In the meantime, check our the other 7QT peeps.


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