Sunshiiiiiiiine… Suuuuunshiiiiiiine.

Oh my goodness, guys the suuuuuuun is heeeeeeeeere.  And it might even stick around for a little while this time.  Here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW if you’re really hipster and cool), this is the beginning of the best time of year.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain here ALL the time.  Just, you know, for several months of the year.

Even better than that, here are some picture of my ACTUAL FLOWERS from the front yard.  See?  I can grow things.  (Even though, let’s be honest, growing anything that comes in bulb form is pretty much not that hard.  I mean, really.  Stick it in the ground with the correct side pointed up.  Wait several months.  Enjoy blooms.)

wpid-imag0589.jpg wpid-imag0591.jpg

But aren’t they pretty?  Even when taken on my not-fancy smartie phone?

In addition to all things growing around here, Little Man has decided that he needs to be with his Dada all the time.  Seriously.  Teacher Man now has a little shadow that follows him around everywhere.


To me, it’s adorable.  But I’m also not the one being followed into the bathroom.  Yet.

Today was capped off with the three of us going to watch the freshmen baseball game at school.  These next two pictures are my Most Favorite Things.



Let’s take a look at that glorious sunshine for one more minute, shall we?




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