What a weekend.

I’m having one of those Sunday nights where it seems like the weekend didn’t even happen.

Part of this is because the majority of it was spent helping out with a retreat at school.  There were many extra hours logged with teenagers this weekend.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing… but I’m glad it’s over.

The highlight of the experience with teenagers was Friday night.  The other teacher leader and I were coming back with about six high schoolers on the short bus from the retreat center back to the high school.  We finally arrived at about 11:30pm and one of the girl’s rides decided to honk the horn about twenty times.

Not cool.

Then, the kids dispersed to their cars or waited around for their rides all wearing black (that’s part of the deal we did for the retreat).

Let’s recap: loud honking, kids arriving late at high school, all are wearing black.

Soooooo… a cop showed up.  He pulled up next to me and addressed me, saying, “Hey coach.”

Because I was soooooo tired and not functioning even a little bit, I decided that it would be a good idea to correct him.  The cop.  And tell him that I’m just a lowly teacher.

Sigh.  But, then we told him that we were Solemnly Up To Just Good.  He still poked around a little, but was nice enough to make sure everything was locked up.

Then, yesterday was spent running all kinds of errands all over the place for a thousand things that are not one iota of exciting.

Today, though, was Palm Sunday and one of my most Favorite Days.  I love Holy Week, and Palm Sunday kicks it off.  Little Man also loved Palm Sunday and proceeded to play with the palms (both in church and at home) and hit himself in the face with them again and again and again.  I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the sacrilege behavior, so he should be okay.

Lastly, today was errands and work of the House kind and the School kind.

And now the weekend is over.  BUT!  It’s a short week at school (we have Friday off for Good Friday), so I can’t complain too much.


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