Five Faves (vol. 9): Teeeeeeething.

Mark is still sick.  I don’t think he has croup anymore (can it just go away like that? because I think it might have), but he’s all snotty and coughing and teething and hating on all kinds of stuff.

And, oh, the teething.  He’s working on his fourth tooth (top front left) and it’s a-killin’ him.  What better way to show my solidarity with him than by posting my Five Faves of Teething Things?  Andherewego… (P.S. — There are almost no pictures because I’m pretty sure you know what 90% of these things look like.  And, plus, Mark making the suck-fish face looks exactly the same, no matter what thing he’s sucker-fish-facing on.)

1) Frozen Bagels

Easy.  Get some mini-bagels and put them in the freezer.  I’ve found that the wheat ones work the best.  They just tend to defrost faster than the white flour ones.  Baby then can gnaw on them as they get softer and it’s great.

Some people tie a string around them and tie the other end to the high chair so that when the baby tosses the bagel, it doesn’t go on the floor.  Mark just starts eating the string.


2) Frozen cucumbers

Pretty much the same as above, just slice them in about 1″ slices.  Make sure you take it away from babe before it gets too soft and they can choke on the seeds and skin.


Look, Mom! No hands!

3) This teething ring thingy

I don’t know what it is, but Mark only likes this teething ring.  We keep it in the fridge and it’s great for bringing him down from his hysterical “oh-my-gosh-my-mouth-hurts!” panic attacks.

I think he likes that the water part is cold, but the part that he hangs onto (the blue part in this picture) actually warms up pretty quickly.  Mark hates holding things that are cold.

4) Doors, cabinets, etc. 

I always know when Mark is teething because he tries to eat EVERYTHING.  Most especially, he likes to try and eat things that he couldn’t possibly get in his mouth — doors, windows, the dishwasher, etc.  He tries to gnaw on them with his sucker-fish face.

This is not as attractive or as sanitary as it sounds.  Also, never in my life did I think I would utter the words, “Stop sucking on the oven door!”

5) Sophie the Giraffe

I know, you can’t read a “list of things to buy for baby” where this isn’t on the list.  I, too, was skeptical.  “No way am I ever paying that much for a teething toy!”  If you learn nothing else from being a parent, you learn that saying you’re never going to do something means that you’ll be doing that exact thing in a month.  So it was with Sophie.  The price went down on Amazon, I had a gift card, and not that long later, Mark was happily gnawing away on the giraffe’s head.  As one does.

Five Faves isn’t being hosted on Moxie Wife this week, so you’ll have to head over here instead.  

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