Seven Quick Takes: toddler snacks, the letter “S”, ceiling fans, and it’s so hot I might melt

I’ve had a few posts in the last week or so (if you didn’t see my review of Something Other Than God, go read it), but I thought it would still be good to look at the seven things for the week:

1) Toddler snacks

This isn’t something that happened, but a plea.  Could someone (anyone? everyone?) give me some good snacks for a one-year-old?  Mark is prepping for his teenage years by eating us out of house and home.  I’m looking for some good snacks to give him in the morning and afternoon.  The trick is, he doesn’t have very many teeth yet and the idea of “biting pieces” to him means “shove as much as I can of it in my mouth and then spit it out” which is just so not, not attractive.  Ideas?

2) Car sounds

Mark LOVES making the “car sound” that seems to be innate to every little boy on the planet.  He especially enjoys making it while playing with his toy turtle (it has wheels, so it’s kind of like a car, right?) and it’s precious and adorable and I don’t ever want him to stop.

3) Speaking of those teeth…

Mark has three (but almost four) teeth and has realized that he can make the “ssss” sound with his front teeth.  He’s getting really good at it and I need to find some things that start with “s” so he can try saying them.  I finally settled on doing this scene from Singing in the Rain.  (Skip to 17 seconds in for just the part that was making Mark crack up before his bath tonight.)

4) It’s been REALLY HOT…

… for the PNW.  Like, I don’t even want to go outside kind of hot.  It’s supposed to cool down for the weekend, but the last several days have been in the high 80s and low 90s.  With no air conditioning, it’s just too dang hot.  So…

5)…we turned on Mark’s ceiling fan!

Yes, we obviously used the ceiling fan last year when it was hot out, but he doesn’t really remember that (obviously).  Now, he just looks at it over and over and over again when we’re in Mark’s bedroom.  This is especially helpful when I’m changing Mark’s diaper, which he HATES with all of the hate his little 22 pound body can hold.

All in all… win.


This is a scene that is pretty much going to be repeated a thousand times in the next few months.



7) This is amazing.  

I don’t know anything about the science behind it or whether or not it’s really feasible in the long run or anything.  But, if we can use the measles vaccine to combat some forms of cancer… woot!

Hope you have a great week and remember to check out the other Quick Takes over at Jen’s.  


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