A weekend of firsts

Mark had a couple of fun Firsts things this weekend!

The first First: Sunday Mass was not his best hour.  He was squirrely and generally all over the place.  I try and keep him in the main part of the church for as long as possible, but sometimes he has to go to the “cry room”, which is really more “let me touch all the chairs room” for Mark.

There are some short steps that go up to the bathroom from inside the cry room, and Mark managed to go up one of the steps all by himself (while hanging on to the wall)!  This may not seem like a big deal, but Mark has basically seen stairs only a handful of times in his whole life, so this was a pretty big deal!  I don’t have any pictures of this because, well, Mass, but trust me.  It happened.

The second First for Mark was Using A Spoon For Its Actual Purpose!  Woot!  I have picture evidence of this, so I’ll let the photos of him eating mango yogurt speak for themselves (sorry for the not-great focusing… I wasn’t really paying attention to my phone as I was taking pictures).

wpid-20140526_121233.jpg wpid-20140526_121234.jpg wpid-20140526_121235.jpg wpid-20140526_121239.jpg


Hooray for proper tool usage!  Also, side note, see the balloon in the background there?  We’ve had that up for a month now — it was a present for Mark’s first birthday.  Apparently, it’s from… wait for it… the DOLLAR STORE!  Gasp!  Some high quality helium over there, yo.

The last First for Mark is really amazing.  Mark is starting to communicate with us and react to us in ways  that show he understands what we’re saying!  I asked him if he wanted some milk, and he went to the refrigerator, which is in the OTHER ROOM.  Then, a few days later, I asked him if he wanted to go Night-Night and he walked to his room and banged on his door to get in.  And I put him down!  And he went to sleep!  Amazing.

Okay, enough of my mom-gushing for now.  Enjoy the short week!

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