I think the one thing that Mark has really developed in the last few weeks has been his language.  As I’ve mentioned before, he sounds a lot like he’s speaking another language that no one can understand but him.  It sounds like another language, though; it’s not just the same sound repeated over and over and over again.

While he says lots of words marginally well, (“I did it”, “touch it”, “be-button”, etc.), the one phrase that he utters over and over again is “Wha’s dat?”

While this adorable and charming most of the time, it gets to be a little much when he’s pointing at the picture of the wolf in his animal book and I have to do the sound AND sat the name over and over and OVER again.

It’s also a little less adorable when he points at me, turns to Ryan, and says. “Wha’s dat?”

Wanna try that again, kiddo?  🙂



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