Seven Quick Takes from the Beach and the Heat

It’s been a little quiet here because we were enjoying some time with Ryan’s family out at the beach over the weekend.  It was really, really fun and we had a blast.  This week was full of some relaxing, sweating in the heat, and playing outside!  Perfect for summer.

Before we get too far in, the obligatory family photos:


The top photo may very well be on our Christmas card and I don’t even care how much there’s sand on my pants or my hair is a  mess.  Mark is smiling.  Near the camera.  🙂  The bottom photo has all of Ryan’s immediate family in it.  Awesome!



1) There are beach people and there are mountain people.

I am now, and always have been, a beach person.  Sure, I like mountains as much as the next person, but if you can give me sand, water, and fog (yes, fog), I’m about the happiest clam ever.  Seriously, how could you think of mountains, when you can have this?!


Oh fog, how I love you!

2) Mark and the sand!

This was not Mark’s first time at the beach.  We went when he was about four months old; he thought the sand was really great, but wasn’t so much a fan of the water.

IMG_5517 IMG_5522 IMG_5515
“I don’t have any feet and I don’t care!”

This time, he was SUPER excited about the sand.

IMG_5614 IMG_5610
“Are you guys SEEING this stuff?!”

3) Mark and the water!

He was REALLY excited about the water!


We did “one-two-three” (which I used to think was just fun, but now I realize that it’s both fun and a way to shave about an hour off of the time it takes for you to walk anywhere) to the ocean, and Mark was RUNNING to get there.


He even stuck his toes in and didn’t cry this time.  Hooray!


4) Mark on his very first carousel ride.  

When I was little, we used to go to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and ride the carousel there.  I loved it.  I was hoping that Mark would have as good of a time on his first ride.


He totally did.  From the first up and down of the horse, he was super excited and smiley.

IMG_5597 IMG_5573
“I’m so happy about this, Mama, that I just have to eat your face!”

About halfway through, he started to get a little dizzy, so I had him focus on the pinwheels and the lights so it wouldn’t affect him as much.

5) Taking his shoes off!

Okay, so I’m late on this one.  Mark’s been able to do this on his own for about a month now, but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  As soon as we get in the door, Mark will take off his sandals.  He’s still working on the whole getting-your-foot-out-of-the-sandal thing, but he can usually shake them off.


Not pictured: in the last month, he’s figured out how to go from standing to sitting (he doesn’t crawl, remember, so this isn’t as natural for him).  We practiced on the bed in my room.  He stood up, I gently poked him in his belly till he fell back into a sitting position saying “sit!” while I did it.  He thought it was a great game and we played it for several minutes.  After that, it was just a matter of practicing it on the hardwood and he was good to go.

Oh, if only all kinds of training were that easy!

No pictures of this because it’s really not interesting to take a photo of a kid trying to sit.  They just look… weird.

6) Splash pad fun

It’s been a bit hot here the last several days, and we went to hang out with some friends of ours at the splash pad near their house.


Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of Mark and Ensley together, as they didn’t both want to be in the water at the same time.  😦  Another day!

wpid-20140717_112604.jpg wpid-20140717_112811.jpg

Clearly, Mark was super excited.  He kept running back to Ryan and I after he got went and yelling in his incoherent toddler language: “a bdad blida bib da!”.  We think we meant: “Oh my gosh, guys!  Look at ALL THE WATER!”

7) Sand in the City

Considering what a good time Mark had with the sand at the beach, we figured it would be fun to take him to the Sand in the City thing downtown.  There were all of these teams competing in sculpting their piles of sand.  They were pretty impressive, and I hope I can find their final products online (we left before they were done).

They also had a huge pile of sand off to the side for the kids to play in.  Mark was a little tentative at first, but liked raking the sand and destroying the makeshift sandcastle Ryan made.

wpid-20140718_124002_016.jpg wpid-20140718_124111.jpg

Whew!  So much in so little time.  I hope you aren’t overwhelmed by photos.  If not, you can see more 7QTs here.


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