This kid can focus

I’m sure I won’t be singing this tune in a couple of years, but man.  When this kid wants to focus on something, he can FOCUS.  Yesterday, Mark spent a SOLID ten minutes working with his straw-cup.  He realized that the straw was supposed to go in, that it had to be attached to the rubber thingy at the top, and that when he got it all together he could (theoretically) drink from it.

So, it’s not attached anymore.  Hm.  

This part needs to go in…

And then I need this part… (Also, do you love how he has to have his mouth open when he’s focusing?  It’s like when I put on mascara.  C’mon, I can’t be the only one who does that!)

And it goes right here…

They aren’t connected, but ta-dah!  

And that’s the blog for today.  Thrill-a-minute in these parts.  🙂


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