It’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows

FYI: There are no ruff-ruffs in this post.  Because if you just SAY the word “dog” near Mark, he’s looking for one.  Everywhere.  🙂

Yesterday, mark didn’t want to take his morning nap.  Like, actually standing up in his crib as close to the door to his room as he can get and calling for us.

He wasn’t yawning; he wasn’t doing any of the things that he usually does when he’s tired.  He’d slept in a little bit (7:30am, bless him), so okay.  Maybe we’re trying to move to one nap.  It happens, right?  There’s always some sort of transition going on.  Maybe this is what’s happening today.

So, we went on a walk, we ate lunch, and did all kinds of things.  At about 12:30 or so, Mark was making “the tired face”, so I put him to bed.

And he slept.  For about two hours.

Which doesn’t seem that bad, right?  I mean, it’s only an hour less than the combined three hours between two naps that he’s used to.

And he was perky.  And charming when we went to Costco.

And then it was dinner time.

Oh.  Lord.  He wanted out of the chair.  He wanted in the chair.  He wanted to eat.  He did NOT want to eat.  He would take one sip of milk (or water, we tried that too) and then throw the cup, leaving him in tears.

I don’t know why you’re watching me.  But, I’m highly suspicious.

Eventually, it took me sitting on the floor of the kitchen and feeding him bites with my fingers to get him to eat anything.  I’m not one to bend to the will of a baby, most days.  He’s not getting goldfish for dinner, let’s say, just because he wants them.  But, the kid needed to eat.

Mouth open and at the ready.  All the time.  

And it’s not like it was weird stuff.  Chicken.  Beans.  Roll.  Milk.  All things he likes and devours regularly.

Obviously, we’re punishing him by making him eat completely outlandish things.

So, picnic dinner on the floor it was.  And an earlier bedtime.


And today?  So far so good (she said knocking on all kinds of wood everywhere).  Moral of the story?  Two naps.  Please.


2 thoughts on “It’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows

  1. Just remember that he will NOT starve to death if he doesn’t eat dinner. Toddlers are picky and they are grazers, so if he doesn’t want to sit down and eat, that’s pretty normal. When he’s hungry, he’ll eat. Hang in there.


    • Thanks for the kind words. I know that in my head, but my heart is all Mom Guilt sometimes. :-/ The funniest part was the in the chair/ out of the chair sequence. Such a boy to not make up his mind. 🙂


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