Children’s Museum

One of the things Ryan and I wanted to be sure we did with Mark this summer was to take him to the Children’s Museum here in town.  We weren’t entirely sure how much he would be able to do, but we were pleasantly surprised.

We saw this look A LOT while we were there: “Wait… what’s going on over there?!”

There was lots for Mark to do!  He loved the water room.


There was even a room just for kids from 1-3 years of age.  I think he thought it was great that everything was on his level.

IMG_5905 IMG_5907
Clearly, he’s my child if he’s surrounded by super awesome stuff and then says to himself, “Hey… those books aren’t in order by the author’s last name!”
Actual, photographic evidence that he does build sometimes instead of destroy.  

He also really liked building things with his da-da.


And there were dogs.  So, of course those were a BIG hit.

Ryan had just told him to use the bowl to feed the dog.  What a good listener!

And the grocery store part was great!  Really, could you find a better activity for a kid his age than putting things in a container and taking them out again?


There’s also a really cool toddler area outside where the kids can play with water and fountains, sand, and climb some small hills.  We spent A LOT of time out there!

Yeah, he wasn’t expecting the fountain to turn on.  🙂

“Guys!  Are you seeing this?!”


“What will happen if I put the stick on top of the fountain?”  You could see the gears turning.
IMG_5938 IMG_5958

We weren’t really there for too long, only a couple of hours.  But, it was all he really needed.

Mama!  There’s something going on!  Over there!”

We will definitely be back!  I’m excited to see how he grows in the museum and what he’s interested in the next time we go.


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