Seven Quick Takes — Idaho and the End Of Summer

Hi, friends.  It’s been awhile.  Things have been crazy here lately.  Mark and I spent a few days at my parents’ house, and since then I’ve been throwing myself into getting things ready for the new school year.  Some of the prep work is done now, so here’s your Quick Takes:

1) Ducks!

Mark is completely in love with ducks and loves pointing them out and saying their name over and over and over again.  My parents live in a subdivision that has a creek running through it.  There are LOTS of ducks around and they were eager to come see us when we went out on our morning walks.


2) Pool!

This was a new word for Mark on this trip.  I blew up the pool for him (mostly on my own — it’s like a rite of passage for all parents, right?) and he loved splashing around and throwing balls and cups in and out of the pool.



3) Bounce!

My parents have a trampoline and we let Mark bounce up and down and try walking around on it.  He thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever.  I wish there was a way for me to post his laughs for you, because I’ve never heard him laugh so much for so long.


I’m really beginning to think that Mark’s going to think that his grandparents’ house is more fun than our house.  Oh well.  🙂

4) Plop!

Another new word!  In the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (who is just so, so great), there’s a page where some snow lands on the head of the little boy and goes “Plop!”.  Whenever we read this book, I make my hands go “Plop!” on top of Mark’s head when I read that word.  Now, when he sees that book out, he points to it and does the “Plop!” thing on his own head.  Adorable.

5) The plaaaaaaane!

Not a new word, but definitely worth mentioning.  Mark loved the plane on the way TO our destination, but was not so much a fan on the way BACK.



Back (pre-meltdown):

Also, yes, my child has a giant head.  90th percentile.  Takes after his mom.  

On the way there, he gladly played with the tray for about half and hour and was mystified by some of the new toys that I packed for him.

On the way back, he sat still for a few minutes, ate a little, cried for about twenty straight minutes, and then passed out.

As Ryan pointed out, I batted .500 for the trip, which is pretty much a Hall of Fame score.

6) Hike!

No, this isn’t a new word, either.  Ryan went on a team-bonding hike with his soccer team and his assistant coach.  I opted not to go; hiking with 18 or so high school girls sounds like… work?  So, Mark and I went on our own hike instead.

You and I both know what he’s saying…”What’s that?”

7) Work, work, work.  

Alright, it’s not a post about Mark, but I’ll tell you that I’ve been working super hard this last week or so on stuff for school.  There’s a lot of prep work, especially since this is my first time at a new school and teaching online (a new mode for me).  I’m excited about starting a new job, but very nervous about starting the new year.


Okay, that’s All The Things from over here.  If you want some more, go check out Jen’s.


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