An update of the quickest of quick variety.

I do actually have things to update.  Mark has done remarkably well (knock on wood) going back to daycare while I started teaching twice a week this week.  As I mentioned in my last post, it was the End of Summer and we’re in full-flung school mode over here.  Mark’s done some funny and cool things lately, but I’ll just leave you with three things.

1) I was giving Mark a bath a couple of weeks ago, and while he was playing with his toys, I heard a “blurp-blurp.”
Me: Did you just fart in the water?
Mark: Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

2) Mark only napped for 40 minutes for his afternoon nap the other day (usually I can get at LEAST an hour) and I was in the middle of making chocolate chip cookies when he woke up.  So, we ate them warm from the oven.  He kept saying “Mmmmmm!” after every bite.  Then, he had chocolate all over his fingers, reached slowly forward, touched my mouth and said, “Mama” while smiling.  Good day.

3) Ryan and I figured that since Mark is now 16 months old (WHAT), we should make a list of all the words he can say (those with * occur a little less regularly than the others):

Mama, Dada, dog, duck, ruff-ruff, plop, nana (for banana), snack, ball, goal, go, out, What’s that?, balloon, that, bubbles, night-night, brella (for umbrella), back-pack*, Papa, wolf, yeah*, poop, hat, broom, mop, stuck, yum*, I did it*.

Alright, we have a birthday party to go to this afternoon, but I’m hoping I’ll have time to type out a post tonight or tomorrow of all of the First Week Back happenings.