A month of silence ended.

I know.  Worst blogger ever.  Trust me when I saw we’ve been a little swamped over here.  Started a new job at a new school and, lest we forget, it’s soccer season.  So, it’s been a little busy.  But, much has happened.  So, here’s What’s Happened in the Last Month in Pictures and Short Snippets:

Mark tried kale chips.  And loved them.  Who knew?  (Also, he likes to eat all his snacks on the kitchen floor.  He just does.)

wpid-20140905_115732.jpgMark and I had our first lunch our with just the two of us.  He did SO well!  Ate all of his food and didn’t drop it anywhere.  Woohoo!

My sister, Laura, came to visit!  She was only here a couple of days for work, but it’s always wonderful to see my siblings.  🙂

IMG_6501 IMG_6505
We went to the farm and Mark picked out a pumpkin or two.

When it rains, we ride our bikes in the garage.

He will regularly say, “I did it!”  It’s not super articulate, but it’s clear to us.  🙂

Inexplicably, he loves doing this.

IMG_6529We’ve finally to where he wants to build blocks and not just destroy them.  The never-ending quest to have him use his powers for good rather than for evil continues.

Everything used to be “stuck”.  Now, everything is “uh-oh”.

IMG_6523We took a selfie on the day my mom-brain forgot that he was supposed to have a haircut.

Last week, Ryan had a game, so Mark and I were eating dinner by ourselves.  Here was the conversation:
Mark: Dada?
Me: No, buddy, Dada’s not here tonight.  He’s at soccer.
Mark: Cocker?
Me: Yeah, sweetie, soccer.
Mark: [kicks leg] Goal!

wpid-20141009_133211.jpg wpid-20141009_133223.jpg wpid-20141009_133243.jpg wpid-20141009_133246.jpg
Mark LOVES pumpkins.  So, whenever we go to a store, ANY STORE, that has them, we have to spend a few minutes checking out all of the pumpkins.  Here are some examples of his love.

I’d like to say that I’ll be more regular (and I really, really want to be), but bear with me if I’m not.

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