A bunch of questions answered.

My long-time friend Mary over at The Domestic Apologist nominated me for something?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  There was this icon

and the usual wit and banter that Mary bequeaths upon the Internet not nearly often enough (sorry, Mary, I know you’re all pregnant and busy and whatever, but I love you and I love your writing).   She was kind of enough to tag me and ask a bunch of random questions.

Here they are!

1. Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Taking a dish to another home?
No, thankfully, we are not hosting Thanksgiving.  I’m just not, not ready for that.  🙂  But, yes, I imagine I will be bringing something to the gathering at Ryan’s aunt’s house.  Pecan pie tends to be my staple, so I’ll probably do that (it’s really simple and I get to make piiiiiie!)

2. Are your kids sufficiently revved up for Halloween, AND when do you buy your Halloween candy?
Mark has no idea that Halloween is a thing, but he LOVES pumpkins.  So, really, any season with pumpkins would be a win for him.  I don’t buy the candy until about the week before because if it’s around, I WILL eat it.

3. Costumes of Saint getups for your kids this year?
Costume.  He’s going as a monkey (I made the costume last year, but bought it this year.  Maybe it will be an every other year thing).

4. Everyone loves fall. Is there anything about autumn that bugs you?
Yes.  The beginning of fall here is, quoting Lewis Black, like malaria.  It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s 50, it’s 80, and no one knows how to dress.  Give me 50s and 60s consistently and I’m a happy camper.  (P.S. Warmer is fine too, but I like the consistency.)

5. Stealing this from a previous Liebster list I saw, but what recent meme really cracked you up?
I’m completely ripping off Mary here, but this one made me laugh so, so hard.  It’s my life.  Completely.

(I don’t have the image source, and for that my English teacher license might be revoked.)

6. With what kind of intensity are you following the Synod?
Sadly, not nearly enough intensity.  I figure once documents are finalized, then I’ll really pay attention.  Before that, I just don’t have the energy.

7. On weekend mornings, do you cook a special breakfast at your house?
I try to do something.  Usually, it’s pancakes or eggs.

8.  Pick one current pop song. Expound upon your love or hate of it.
I know everyone kind of hates it by now, but I’ll say I still like it (mostly because I don’t listen to pop radio too much): “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.  Mark and I dance to it, which is really the reason I like it.  🙂  We haven’t reached this level yet, but we’re getting there:

9. If you had one for eternity: kettle corn or movie theatre popcorn? 
Kettle corn.  Movie theatre popcorn has WAY too much butter and is much MUCH too salty.

10. Predict the Superbowl champion. Or, recount your man’s elation or misery at the outcome of last year’s Bowl. 
I strongly dislike all Seattle sports teams, so there was not good times at our house.  I don’t really remember much more than that.  😦

Whew!  Okay, since Mary took most of the people  would tag, I’ll just add Maggie at Ten Thousand Places and Grace over at Camp Patton who has no idea who I am, but whom I stalk on the Internet regularly.

Now, for the questions for you fine ladies!

1. What’s the most recent book you’ve read that you would actually recommend?
2. What’s up next on you Netflix cue?
3. Favorite season and why?
4. If there was one professional sport you could banish from all the land, what would it be?  Elaborate.
5. You go to your mom’s house.  She says she’ll make you anything for dinner.  What do you ask for?
6. What game did you play the most as a child (this could be an imaginary play game, board or card game, or outside game).
7. What’s your worst Internet habit?
8. Chore that you wold happily pass along to someone else given the chance?
9. Fall is the season of the scary movie.  Are you for scary-scary or not?
10. You have a Saturday available to you with no responsibilities (work, children, etc.) and all to yourself.  What do you do?

Good luck!

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