The Zoo… TWICE!

Mark and I were lucky enough to get to go to the Zoo twice in a couple of weeks.  The first time we went was with Ryan (we HAD to have Dada there for the first Zoo experience.

Mark LOVED it.  He liked seeing all of the animals and pointing at things and saying “What’s that?” over and over again.

IMG_6564 IMG_6609

Mark really likes the penguins (mostly, I think, because they are at his eye level and they move around a lot).

IMG_6593 IMG_6589


Really, it was super hard to get him to hold still at all because he wanted to run to everything and point at and see everything!

IMG_6652 IMG_6658
an’t talk now, dad.  Focused.

wpid-20141011_124452.jpg IMG_6553
he really giant bear.  Don’t worry, Mark backed up every time he saw it coming closer.

Then, we got to go with my sister Molly when she came to visit this past weekend.


We didn’t get a chance to see ALL the animals, but we hit up our favorites.  Not that you can see them, because Mark wanted to look at the animals, not pose near them.  🙂


We got to see the annual Elephant Squash Smash (or something).  It was fun to see all of the elephants stomp on the huge pumpkin.  The littlest one even got on top of it at one point (not pictured).  Mark enjoyed the view from on top of my shoulders.

IMG_6770 IMG_6768

Mark was also smart enough to remember that this is where the monkeys are (he calls them “ah-ahs” as in the sound they make… “ooh-ooh-ah-ah!”).  We have no pictures of the monkeys, though, as he was far, far too excited.


Yay for the Zoo!

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