Gratitude Project: Info

My friend Jen got me started on the Gratitude Project a couple of years ago.  The premise is simple: for the entire month of November, you post somewhere (Twitter, Facebook, your blog, whatever) every day all of the things you are thankful for that day.  Some days are easy to think of lots of things, while other days take a little more time to come up with just…one…thing.  But, it’s so, so good to do.  Here’s why: our newsfeeds and twitterfeeds are full of people complaining about stuff or saying how great their third vacation to Hawaii was this year that we feel all KINDS of jealous.  So, it puts things in perspective.  I know I have things to be thankful for and sometimes I need to remind myself of those things.

Now, it’s not a brag of all the things you did that day.  The purpose of putting it on social media is to hold yourself accountable and to make others realize their small blessings are important too.

I won’t post each one here every day, but I’ll do a kind of digest every few days and include some pictures here if I want to.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on my Halloween Post and Pumpkin Patch Post because I am woefully behind.


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