Mark and Mama Mondays

This week, Mark and I had our first Mark and Mama Monday. I figured that I (hopefully) only have a few more months of enjoying Mark as an only child. So, I decided that once a week (preferably on Mondays for the whole alliteration thing, but it doesn’t have to be) Mark and I will take a morning to do something fun — just the two of us.

Yes, I am fortunate to only work part-time and I get to spend a lot of time with him. But, some of that time is spent running to Target and Costco (which he kind of likes anyway) and cleaning and whatever, so this will be fun stuff.

This week, we went to toddler storytime at one of the libraries near our house.

I don’t have any pictures of storytime itself because Mark spent most of the time on my lap, which is pretty typical. He did warm up after the first fifteen minutes or so, though, and started playing with the scarves they gave the kids and jumping around a little bit.

But, after storytime, we went around upstairs to the kids area and Mark played with some puzzles (because, you know, why read when you’re in a library when you can do puzzles?).


After that, he played with the little toy/manipulative thing, on the wall.


But then, we picked out some books for him to take home.


And he started reading them in the car. 🙂


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